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20 Days of Spring Cleaning 2023- Days 1 and 2

I needed to do deep cleaning and organizing in my home for many years, but I never had the opportunity to do it as throughly as I needed to do it. This year, I decided that on March 1, I would start deep cleaning the house. I also planned on organizing things that needed to be organized and getting rid of anything I didn’t need anymore.

Even though I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do, I am happy I am finally able to get the house into nice, working order. I also know there will be things I need to do around the house that will need to wait, usually until after March is over. Still, I wanted to talk about my adventures cleaning the house for spring.

This is why, until March 20th, AKA Spring Solstice, I will write posts documenting how much progress I made around the home. I won’t cover everything I do during cleaning, mostly for privacy reasons, but I am going to talk about what I did, what I cleaning, and any opinions about what I did that day.

For this post, I decided to combine Days 1 and 2 into one post. Day 1 wasn’t very exciting, but Day 2 was. I plan on combining days I don’t do much with other days I do things on into one post. That way, I’ll avoid making a post about anything I didn’t do due to work or life commitments.

Day 1

I didn’t get much done today. I needed to work and run errands instead.


Day 2

Today was a slow work day and I didn’t needed to do any errands. So, I decided to focus on cleaning and organizing. I started in the bathroom on my beauty products. That’s when I realized I have too many products! Most of the products are ones I purchased as backups for my favorite products. The rest are products I tried but don’t like or can’t use anymore. I decided to move my favorite products and the other products I don’t use anymore to a different area of my home. I also decided to declutter the products on a different day.

In addition to sorting my beauty products, I also cleaned the area where I keep my beauty products in the bathroom. I also cleaned other shelves that are usually occupied by other things I store. That’s when I realized I need to paint the shelves. I knew they needed to get painted, but I didn’t get around it. After looking at it, I need to paint them this year. I decided to search for alternative places to store everything on the shelves while I paint.

Aside from organizing my shelves, I also tried to clean out parts of my kitchen and laundry room. Both need a good deep cleaning and organization. The kitchen is currently manageable, but I did need to organize my storage containers. I found some that still have life left in them, but I hate using them to store food. I finished organizing my storage containers and cleaned the drawers with multipurpose cleaner. I still have more drawers to clean and sort, but right now things are better.

As for the laundry room, I realized there is lint everywhere. Long story short, I bought and washed 15 yards of cotton flannel for a quilt, blanket, clothes, and anything else I can use it for. I’m happy to own the fabric, but washing that many yards was a pain. Drying was also a pain. Months after I washed the fabric, I am very happy to have the fabric, but the lint is sill everywhere. Cleaning the laundry room has been really hard because everything is still filled with lint. I brought one of my air filters to the room in hopes it would improve lint control. It sort of worked, but there is still a lot of lint built up everywhere. I finally gave up cleaning the whole room because I knew I would struggle with it too much. Also, I need to do some clean outs of areas in the room. I plan on fully cleaning and organizing it later.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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