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Book Review: Love by Chance by Kacy Cross

When my favorite Hallmark Gold Crown store was closing, I went inside to do some last time shopping. While in there, I found a few books and DVDs from Hallmark still available. They were on sale for a deep discount, so I decided to buy them. One of the books I purchased was Love by Chance by Kacy Cross.

I wanted to read it first before the other books I purchased because it is not a Christmas themed novel. The other two novel I purchased are Christmas themed novels. At the time I was not in a Christmas novel mood, so I decided to read Love by Chance first.

The blurb of the book on Amazon is as follows…

She thinks meeting him must’ve been fate.

It wasn’t.

Claire, a pastry chef struggling to make her restaurant succeed, is too busy to pursue romance. That doesn’t stop her loving but meddling mother, Helen, from setting her up on dates. Even after Helen promises to stop her matchmaking efforts, she can’t help herself. She convinces Eric, a pediatrician, to meet Claire at a gallery event.

Eric and Claire feel an immediate connection, and their meeting becomes a magical first date. But the longer Eric and Claire see each other, the less comfortable Eric feels about hiding the fact that Claire’s mom set them up. Meanwhile, Claire loves to talk about how she trusts Eric, and how they met by chance. How will she react to the truth?

This witty, sweet romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Claire’s Coconut Lime Tarts.

The book is a very enjoyable romance novel. The book is inspired by a Hallmark Channel movie by the same name. The book is published by Hallmark Publishing. The novelization of the movie is more detailed than the movie and explains the whole story in more depth than a movie could. I really liked reading it more than the movie.

It is a clean romance novel (Which are the kind I really enjoy) but is full of drama that makes it interesting. Claire and Helen’s fight about Claire’s love life is the driving force of the drama in the story, but Helen’s impending months long vacation to Italy and what that could mean for her career as a real estate agent also creates drama in the story. Even though Helen’s vacation with her husband is not mentioned in the book blurb, it causes extra tension in the story and could be more important that it originally seemed.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a clean romance story with drama. It is also a great book for any fans of Hallmark romance movies.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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