Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Toaster Reveal and Review

A few weeks ago, while at JcPenny’s, I walked by an end cap that had Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary items for sale. After browsing, I decided to purchase a Mickey Mouse toaster. I needed a new toaster because I do not own one and I currently use my oven to make toast. Using the oven has proven to be very impractical and difficult to use, so I needed a toaster. I knew this Mickey Mouse toaster is not what I want to own for my daily use, but I wanted a fun toaster for making birthday toast or toast for another special day.

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Yankee Summer Candle Sale Haul- August 2018

One day, while shopping at Walmart, I decided to browse the clearance aisle. Since the Walmart I shopped at is not my local Walmart, I was curious to see what they had on clearance. I’m very happy I did because I found Yankee candles on clearance for really good prices. Since the candles are summer scents, I decided to stock up on them because I have plenty of fall and winter scented candles, but no summer scented ones. Continue reading “Yankee Summer Candle Sale Haul- August 2018”