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5 Things to Make Sure You Have Before Guests Arrive

This is the time of the year when people make an effort to visit their family and friends’ homes. Since this year will be the first year since the start of the Pandemic in 2020, it’s important to make use your have enough supplies before guests come over for a visit. Even though there are important supplies to have for guests, such as food, there are supplies I forgot in the past that I later regretted I didn’t have. This year I won’t be hosting guests, but I wanted to write a post about five things I learned to stock up on before guests arrive.

Plenty of Toilet Paper

If you have guests coming over, they may need to use the bathroom quite a lot. This is why it is so important to keep more toilet paper on hand. It feels awkward to write about this the year after the 2020 Pandemic and what I call The Great Toilet Paper Crisis, but it’s true. Make sure your home has enough toilet paper to not run out before your guests leave. You don’t need a lot of toilet paper. Just enough paper for your guests and to avoid needing to rush to the store the day after the party for more toilet paper for yourself and your household.


Clean Hand Towels and Plenty of Hand Soap (Or Hand Sanitizer)

Whenever your guests use the bathroom, they will need to wash their hands. Since hand soap can run out easily and hand towels can get dirty, make sure there is enough hand soap available to use and refill. Also, make sure there are enough clean hand towels to replace the used ones once they are too dirty, or wet, to use anymore. If you want to use hand sanitizer, make sure there are enough bottles or a refill bottle of hand sanitizer to keep your guests’ hands clean. Like with the toilet paper (And the 2020 Pandemic) you don’t need a lot, but you need enough to make sure you don’t run out while your guests are visiting and your family runs out after they leave.


Plenty of Napkins

If your guests are coming over to eat a meal, make sure there are plenty of napkins for them to use. This is also important to remember even if your guests are not staying for a meal, but could be buying take out and bring it home. Sometimes the napkins that come from fast food restaurants aren’t very good quality. Also, the restaurant may not be as generous with the number of napkins they include with the food. So, if you don’t want to use paper towels, please make sure there are plenty of napkins on hand to use.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks that Everyone Will Enjoy

Not everyone likes, wants, or can drink alcoholic drinks, but they would still like to participate in toasts. In order to include them, I always make sure there are non-alcoholic drinks available to serve. I don’t drink alcohol, so I always have non-alcoholic drinks for toasts or other special occasion. Still, I’ve been a guest at other people’s houses where they only offered alcoholic drinks because they didn’t know me well and assumed I drank. So, if you are holding a large gathering of people and don’t know if everyone can drink, (Or you can’t double check if they can drink or not) make sure there is a bottle of sparkling apple cider or something else for them to drink.


New Toothbrush and New Toothpaste

If someone is coming over to your house and will be staying a long time, possibly until night time, have a new backup toothbrush and toothpaste for them to use. Sometimes, things happen so suddenly that you and your guest may not be able to plan ahead for them. Some of these problems include a bad storm or accident. If anything like this happens and your guest may not be able to go home, having at least a toothbrush and toothpaste for them to use is a thoughtful gesture.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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