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4 Things to Do Before Guests Arrive

Whenever guests come over to visit, it can be a stressful time. Between prepping for their arrival and making sure they are entertained, it can be hard to remember everything to do in order to make a great impression on guests and show you appreciate their visit. After having guests come over for visits over the years, I learned five basic things to do before they arrive. These things are basic guest prep things, but I know they do make someone feel better about coming to your home.

Clean the Bathroom

One of the first things I was taught to clean whenever guest come over to clean the bathroom. This is because whenever guests come over, they don’t want to use a dirty bathroom. Make sure to clean the toilet, the sink, the shower/bath tub, mirrors, and floor. Also, make sure to dust anything in the bathroom in order to make sure there aren’t any built up dirt in the bathroom.


Make Sure the Kitchen Countertops are Clear or Look Tidy

The kitchen is one of the part of the house where guests and the people they are visiting like to gather and talk or cook. Because of this, it’s important to clear the kitchen countertops. This way there are not distractions or objects to interfere with whatever is happening in the kitchen. If clearing the countertops is impossible, make sure they are tidy.

Vacuum Anywhere Pets Like to Sit (And Make Sure They Don’t Sit There Until After Guests Leave)

Another place to make sure to clean before guest come over is whenever pets like to sit. You don’t need to use a carpet cleaner on it, but vacuuming the area is important. If you are like me and let your pets sit on the furniture, make sure to vacuum the cushions and furniture pieces where the pets sit. After doing this, make sure they stay off the furniture or, if you can’t make them stay off the furniture, try to cover the furniture with extra sheets or a blanket to help keep their fur off the furniture until your guests arrive.


Make Sure Anything Dangerous to a Child is Not Accessible to Them

If there are children coming over, make sure the house is safe for them to play in. Make sure anything dangerous is out of reach of them and electric plugs are secure with child safe plugs. Close any doors to rooms with anything you’re keeping away from children and try to make sure they can’t get inside but you can in the event of an emergency. Also, watch the children and where they wander off to.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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