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6 Fun Things to Do By Yourself During Christmas

Christmas is a fun time of the year, but sometimes it’s not that fun when it’s celebrated alone. Throughout my adulthood, I had to celebrate many Christmas without many of my friends. Last year was the hardest because of the pandemic. Despite this, I tried to make the happiest time of the year into a less lonely time of the year by forcing myself to do Christmas themed activities. Over time, these activities became Christmas traditions for myself. Here are six of my favorite Christmas activities someone can do by themselves.

Make a Gingerbread House, Cookies, or Christmas Themed Desert

If you miss making deserts with friends in Christmas time, then try making them by yourself. It may be hard, especially if you make many batches of deserts by yourself, but it would be a way to keep a festive tradition while having sweet treats you may enjoy. Also consider making a gingerbread house or buying a gingerbread house kit and make it.


Look at Christmas Lights and Decorations

Going to a neighborhood or shopping area to look at Christmas lights and decorations is a fun activity to do with a group of family members and/or friends, but it is something that can be done by yourself. If you are nervous about walking alone around an area you are unfamiliar with, try to go to a neighborhood or shopping area you are familiar with and feel safe in.


Throw a Christmas Party for Yourself

If you do not or cannot go to a Christmas party this year, try to throw a Christmas party for yourself. Decorate your home, make party food or order take out, and use your best china to eat your food. Watch a Christmas movie, listen to Christmas songs, and read books that are Christmas themed. If you need to wrap presents, then throw a gift wrapping party for yourself. Wrap presents with a Christmas movie on and, after the wrapping is completed, treat yourself to a Christmas themed snack or hot coco.


Go to A Christmas Light Parade

A Christmas light parade is a great place to go if you’re spending most of the holiday season alone. Even though crowded places alone isn’t always the best thing to do, especially after the pandemic started, a light parade is usually a family friendly event. Because of this, if a parade is well run, there will be a larger security presence than at other events as well as a potentially more friendly crowd.


Visit a Zoo With Christmas Light

If going to a Christmas light parade isn’t your cup of tea, then try to visit a zoo. Many zoos hold an event during the holiday season that allows visitors to walk around the zoo and see Christmas light displays. These evens are usually called Zoolights and are always a lot of fun. Even though doing this during the holiday season would be perfect for a date night, it is also enjoyable when someone is alone. If you feel embarrassed to go alone, take a camera or bring a phone charger to photograph the lights. That way you can be more focused on taking photographs of the lights than on the embarrassment or nervousness that comes with doing something alone.


Go Christmas Decoration Shopping While Grocery Shopping

Christmas decorations are usually available at grocery stores, but they are especially prevalent at Walmart and Target. Since they are easily accessible, (At least for anyone in the United States) looking for a new ornament or garland for a Christmas tree can turn a boring and mandatory shopping trip into a more festive and enjoyable trip. Even if you do not visit a Walmart or Target, grocery stores usually have some sort of holiday or Christmas decor, or foods, available for browsing and purchase.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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