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5 Things I am Excited for This Holiday Season-2022

It’s December first, which means it’s time for Blogmas! This year, as with other years, I will be writing a lot of posts about Christmas and this holiday season.

For the first post of Blogmas, I wanted to talk about the five things I’m most excited about this holiday season. I don’t have many plans for this holiday season, so I will not be discussing anything that I could be doing this season. Instead, I will be focusing on the general things I am looking forward.


I live in Arizona, so the weather is going to be normally mild and nice. Even though I love the cold weather and snow, I still feel very fortunate and lucky to be able to live in a place where the weather is so nice during the winter. There will be days when the weather will be cold, but I am excited to feel the cooler days that are not going to be freezing and oppressive.


Mall and City Decorations

This time of the year, I love walking around shopping malls, towns, and cities to see their Christmas decorations. Years ago, I used to love to do this with friends of mine. We would wake up early before work, get a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, and would walk around the mall before the majority of the stores opened or the downtown district of towns and cities. It was always a lot of fun to do and is a memory I cherish to this day. This year, I hope to do this again


Christmas Music

It’s that time of the year when you hear Christmas music everywhere. I don’t enjoy hearing it all year round (For me, it’s too much of a good thing!) but hearing Christmas music again makes me happy. I’m very excited to hear Andy Williams songs. To me, it’s not Christmas without hearing Andy Williams at lest twice.


Christmas Movies and TV Specials

Just like Christmas music, I love to watch Christmas movies and TV specials this time of the year. I could watch them all year if I wanted to, but watching them during this time of the year makes them very special. I’m especially looking forward to watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I missed watching it on TV last year, so I am excited to watch it this year.


Light Parades

The final thing I’m most excited for this year is the light parades. Many of the light parades near where I live were canceled in 2020. The ones that weren’t canceled were changed to accommodate social distancing. In 2021, the parades returned but they were still different than they used to be. I hope this year the parades are going to be similar if not the same as they were before the pandemic started.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

The featured image used in this post is one I took myself of Christmas decorations at a shopping mall. The photograph was taken in 2019.

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