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Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Travel Accessories Haul

In January, while browsing Kohl’s for new office accessories and pouches for work use, I stumbled across LC Lauren Conrad’s new collection of pouches and travel accessories. The Kohl’s I shopped at that day did not have very many pouches except for the Lauren Conrad pouches. The heart lollipop themed pouches came in shapes and sizes I needed, so I picked the pouches I needed as well as another accessory.

The first pouch I picked up was this pencil case…

I watch a lot of luxury YouTube channels to get an idea of what is new, what I want to save my money for, and what I don’t want to own because I believe it’s too expensive to justify the price. One item I see pop up is the Louis Vuitton pencil pouch. I love how it looks, how durable it looks, but the price is just too high for me to buy and use on a daily basis. After seeing so much, I decided I could really use a pencil pouch for my pens and pencils I use for work.

After searching for a few months, I wanted to give up my search until it was back to school time. While shopping at Khol’s, I found this pouch in the accessory section. I was very excited to find one that was cute, practical, and had the shape I wanted!

The second, and last pouch I purchased was this pouch set…

The reason why I was at Khol’s that was was to find pouches. Like with the pencil pouch, I saw many Louis Vuitton pouches on luxury YouTube videos and decided I needed one. Actually, I needed a pouch. Not a Louis Vuitton pouch. And, just like the pencil pouch, a Louis Vuitton pouch would be too expensive for everyday use. So, I went to Khol’s in the hope I would find a pouch. I ended up finding this three pouch set.

I’m very excited to own this pouch set because it gives me options for size. When I first shopped for a pouch, I realized I didn’t know what size I wanted and would use. By buying this set, it solved my size problem and gives me the ability to organize my items better.

The last accessory I purchased in this haul was a luggage tag…

I’m on the hunt for cute and fun luggage tags. Unfortunately, it also feels like there are many people who are looking for the same exact luggage tags I am. Whenever I see a luggage tag I like and don’t buy it at that time, by the time I go back to the store, it’s sold out. This luggage tag was super cute, but I was unsure if I wanted to get it that day. After walking around the store for a while and found no other tags at that store, I decided to get it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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