Avocado and Lime Toast Recipe

In a previous post, I reviewed a Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary toaster. After I made the toast, I decided to make avocado toast using the bread.

For the avocado spread, I created my favorite kind of spread for avocado toast: avocado and lime. It’s a very easy to create and is very flavorful.

How I create the spread is to take a whole avocado and mash it. After mashing the avocado, I squeeze half a lime into the spread and mix.

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Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Toaster Reveal and Review

A few weeks ago, while at JcPenny’s, I walked by an end cap that had Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary items for sale. After browsing, I decided to purchase a Mickey Mouse toaster. I needed a new toaster because I do not own one and I currently use my oven to make toast. Using the oven has proven to be very impractical and difficult to use, so I needed a toaster. I knew this Mickey Mouse toaster is not what I want to own for my daily use, but I wanted a fun toaster for making birthday toast or toast for another special day.

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5 Favorite Fall/Winter Trends for 2018

Fall is already here and it’s time to go shopping for new clothes in current trends. Although I don’t know if I’ll shop for current tend pieces, there are trends that I really love and might invest in. I narrowed down my five of my favorite trends for fall/winter 2018 and wanted to share them with you.

Before I begin this post, I wanted to add I am not receiving compensation for suggesting certain clothing or items. Everything I mention in this post is an item I found to use as an example for my post and can be found as of October 2018.

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TJ Maxx September 2018 Makeup Haul

Back in September, while browsing a local TJ Maxx without finding anything, I decided to look in the makeup section. I’ve heard online (Youtube specifically) that TJ Maxx sometimes has Too Faced eye shadow pallets, so I decided to look for some. I didn’t find any, but I did find some makeup I wanted to try and, if I liked them, I’d purchased them in a color that matched my skin tone better.

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5 Tips for Picking a Halloween Costume (From a Costuming Hobbyist)

It’s near October and that means Halloween is right is coming! That also means it’s time to start buying or even making costumes for a Halloween party or for a child.

Even though I do not consider myself an expert in costumes, I’ve sewn for a hobby over 20 years and do make costumes to occasionally wear to my local renaissance festival and, sometimes, to pop culture conventions.

Since I’m used to sewing and budgeting for buying fabric and supplies for new sewing projects, I wanted to share five tips to picking a Halloween costume that I don’t see discussed very often. Even though I learned these tips from sewing costumes and sewing in general, they can be used for simply buying a new costume for a Halloween party when you are on a budget or want to be frugal with your money. Continue reading “5 Tips for Picking a Halloween Costume (From a Costuming Hobbyist)”