Fall Bath and Body Works Haul- August 2018 Part 2

After my last Bath and Body Works haul, I decided to go back to a Bath and Body Works store and find some fall themed holders for my new hand sanitizes.

I ended up finding two holders, one looks like a football but is covered in rhinestones…

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Fall Bath and Body Works Haul- August 2018 Part 1

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the year when you can smell the scents of fall… even though it’s still summer. Fall is my favorite time of the year not just because my favorite holidays (Including my birthday) land in the fall, but also because it means the heat of the Arizona summer is fading, which makes everyone I know very happy!

I’m already caught up in the excitement and purchased some fall decor items, but the one thing I wanted to do was shop at Bath and Body Works for their fall and Halloween candles, hand sanitizes, and other themed items. I never shopped at Bath and Body Works for fall, but I wanted to make an effort to do it this year simply because I was curious to see what they had for sale. During the month of August, I was able to purchased four candles and some hand sanitizes that I believe will be a great addition to my house when Autumn finally arrives. Continue reading “Fall Bath and Body Works Haul- August 2018 Part 1”

Target Beauty Haul- August 2018

During the month of August, I didn’t do much shopping for beauty supplies because I was well stocked on everything I use on a regular basis. Even though I didn’t need a lot of beauty supplies, I did go to Target and pick up a few beauty related things that I wanted a back up of or wanted to try out.

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Marshall’s Kate Spade Live Colorfully Gift Set

Before I begin this post, I wanted to apologize for most of my most recent posts are haul posts only. I’m in the process of switching computers and a few possible life changes. Because of this, I did not think of original posts that will be fun to read. So, bear with me while I work through the older haul post I never got around to posting.

Last month, after a bad week at work that ended on a high note, I decided to go shopping at Marshall’s and see if I could find a new fragrance that I would like to buy to celebrate the end of the week. While there, I found a Kate Spade Live Colorfully gift set…

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Marshall’s Haul July 2018- Part 2

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, I talked about a haul from Marshall’s that included a Kate Spade fragrance. Today’s post, I wanted to talk about what I purchased in a second trip to Marshall’s in July 2018.

The first item I purchased was a Kate Spade picture frame…

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