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Handbag & Accessory Haul- October 2018

For the past year,I needed a new wallet and bag to carry papers for my work. I found a few wallets and bags that I thought would work, but I never purchased them because I was unsure if would like them. Last month, while browsing a Macy’s sale, I found a Dooney & Bourke wallet on discount that was the size and had all the compartments I wanted. Around the same time, I found a Kate Spade New York tote at Marshall’s that matched the purse I purchased last year that fit my size and detail requirements. In addition to the tote, I found another Kate Spade handbag in the same color and style as the purse I purchased last year.

The first item I purchased is the Dooney & Bourke wallet…

The wallet is a Belvedere Flap Wallet in the color white. Since the wallet is white, I was unsure how dirty the wallet would get, but so far it’s done well. I did get a red smudge on the back of it (I have no idea where that came from because I don’t carry anything red in my bag) but I was able to wipe it off with a wet paper towel.

I’m used to wallets that are larger than this one, but I’m happy with the size of it as well as the quality of it. I hope to get another one in a darker color in the future.

The second item I purchased is the Kate Spade New York tote and handbag…

The tote and bag are part of the Grant Park line and is the same style, color, and leather as my current Kate Spade bag. I really love my Kate Spade bag and wanted to find a back-up in the event my current one wears out. When I saw not only the tote but the bag for sale at Marshall’s, I snatched both of them up. The tote is a perfect size and had everything I wanted in my tote, including a zipper on the top. I’m so happy I found both bags and look forward to using the tote soon.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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