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Kate Spade New York Bags Haul

Last year, the week before my ten year high school reunion, I debated if I should go to the reunion or not. Like many, I didn’t have a great time in high school and the thought of seeing so many people I went to school with and never wanted to see again bothered me a lot. I still wanted to go because my home town holds a parade for homecoming so I could skip any sort of reunion and just watch the parade like the rest of the town. I ended up not going to any homecoming festivities because I got sick earlier in the week (Which I considered a blessing in disguise) but the week before homecoming I decided to buy myself a treat for surviving ten years of life without high school: Two Kate Spade New York bags!

I originally wanted to just buy one, but I ended up buying two. I bought both bags at my local Marshall’s. While shopping for the bags, I discovered one bag cost much less than the money I saved to buy one, so I decided to buy two bags that fit in my budget.

The first bag I bought is Kate Spade’s Grant Park Halden in black…

When I shopped for my Kate Spade bags, I did not want to buy a specific bag style. I had some requirements for the bag, but they had to do with size, handles, color, ect. When I saw the Grant Park Hadlen, it fit all my requriements for a bag that I wanted for my normal everyday use. It was large, but not too large. The handles are big enough to fit over my forearm and my upper arm. Also, there is a zipper on top of the bag and strap to turn it into a cross body strap.

The second bag I bought is Kate Spade’s Looloo Perri Lane Bubbles in a small size and in the color Clocktower…

I’ve seen this bag style at a TJ Max store that I like to shop at, but the ones at that store are larger and in different colors than the one I bought. Although I liked the larger bags that I saw, I didn’t mind the smaller size and the color is perfect for me. I plan on using this somewhere I don’t need to carry a lot of things, but still want the option of wearing a cross body bag.

Overall, I’m very happy with my bags. I recently began to use the Halden bag, and so far I’m very happy with it and the amount of stuff it carries. I look forward to see how well it holds up during use!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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