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5 Clothing Designers I Love But Can’t Afford (Right Now)

I love dressing nice and wearing clothes that flatter my body, but my fashion style tastes and the designers that normally create the designs I love to wear are not always in my budget. Because of Covid-19 and other things going on in my life, I’m slowing down my purchases of clothes, shoes, and accessories as much as I can. Aside from replacement clothes and shoes for the ones that wore out, I’m not buying new clothes and shoes. Despite this, I still love looking at new clothes that are brand new so I can see what I want or buy if things even out for me financially.

There is a list of designers I love to look at, but they are all out of my current budget so I cannot buy.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a brand that designs feminine dresses with a modern chic look to them. I love the way the dresses, shirts, skirts, and accessories look and how the are generally modest clothing. Because of this, Ted Baker is a brand that I love and want to own clothes from. Even though I love them, the price of the clothes and accessories is the only deterrent from buying anything from the brand. Fortunately, I found some Ted Baker clothes and accessories on sale for a great price, so I am able to own a few Ted Baker pieces on a tight budget. It is my goal one day to buy a dress, purse, suitcase, or bedding at full price, but right now it’s not something I can financially do.


Kate Spade New York

I love Kate Spade New York’s handbags, accessories, home decor, bedding, and so much more, but I wanted to buy clothing and shoes. Unfortunately, they are about the same price as Ted Baker, if not more. I hope to one day buy some shoes and then buy some clothing, if I find a piece I really like. I plant to continue trying to keep my eye out at the clearance stores I frequent (And bought many of my handbags, accessories, home decor, ect.) for anything I am looking for.


Ralph Lauren

Out of every designer on this list, Ralph Laruen is the designer or brand I find the most things I want to own no matter the year or season. Ralph Lauren is a designer that is well known for, what I describe as, a country meets country club style. If I buy Ralph Lauren, it’s from either Lauren Ralph Lauren or Polo Ralph Lauren, but I dream of one day buying something from his main label. I don’t go anywhere that will have out-of-season clothing from his main label, so if I want something I’ll need to save up to buy it.


Victoria Beckham

I, like many other people, know about Victoria Beckham, but I never took a serious look at her fashion line until I saw YouTubers from the United Kingdom talking about her clothes. I own a few pieces from her collection with Target and love them to pieces. Even though I’m a huge fan of the Target collection, I love her fashion lines as well. Unfortunately, they are completely out of my budget and I’m not sure if I will ever be able to afford them in the future. None the less, I love browsing her designs and dreaming of the outfits I can wear with those clothing pieces.


Zac Posen

Zac Posen is known for designing formal dresses, but he also designs far less formal, yet still beautiful, dresses. I admire Zac Posen’s designs no matter if the clothes are part of Zac Posen’s line or one his secondary lines such as Zac Zac Posen. As much as I love Zac Posen’s designs, my current budget can allow me to buy the designs from Zac Posen’s designs from his collaboration with Target… at the original Target sale price. Even though I cannot buy his clothes right now, he is one of the designers I want to buy from one day.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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