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5 Items I’m Looking Forward to Finding on Sale on Black Friday 2018

Next week is Thanksgiving and, for shoppers finding a good deal, Black Friday. I’m not really excited to shop till I drop this year, mostly because I shopped earlier this year for Christmas presents and I’m now very tired of shopping for anything but groceries. Still, I have a list of things I hope to find deals on during Black Friday sales.

Since I’m in the process of getting ready for Thanksgiving next week, I decided to list my top five items I look forward to finding on sale during Black Friday.


Electronics made my list of Black Friday deals last year, but this year, what electronics I plan on looking for changed. This year, I plan on looking for headphones for working out. My last workout headphones died and I would like to find some new headphones. In addition to work out headphones, I want some headphones for use with my laptop. I like to use cheep headphones as my normal, everyday laptop headphones so I can drop them and not worry about them as much as I would with more expensive headphones. I am unsure if I will find any headphones that fit what I’m looking for, but I still want to see if I can find some headphones.

Bath and Body Works Sales

During Black Friday 2017, I shopped at Bath and Body Works for the first time. Ever since, I’ve shopped there for shower gels and the occasional candle. This year I plan on shopping during their Black Friday sale, but I’m focused on purchasing shower gels and fragrance mists in the fragrance Winter Berry Wonder. It’s a new seasonal fragrance that I fell in love with. I have one bottle of Winter Berry Wonder shower gel and I’m already over halfway finished with it. I also fell in love with Winter Berry Wonder fragrance mists and, like with the show gel, I only have one. So, I need some new bottles of it before I can’t buy it anymore.

Disney Store Ornament Sales

I love the Disney Store ornaments. I love the quality and the detail on them as well as the release of ornaments based off characters that are not as well known unless you’re a Disney fan. Every Black Friday, the Disney Store has very good sales on their ornaments, so I stock up on some of the ornaments I liked but did not want to pay full price for.

Movies & TV Show on DVD and Blu-ray

This next deal is mostly aimed at Target because they are known to have great deals on Black Friday on DVDs and Blu-rays. I have a few movies and TV shows I want to purchase, but never got around to actually purchasing. Since they will be on sale on Black Friday, I want to see if I can find them for sale. If not, I will still buy them. Just not on Black Friday.


The final deal I’m looking for on Black Friday is bedding. I recently purchased a new comforter for my bed because my last one’s padding is starting to go, but I also need new bed sheets and possibly new pillows and throw pillows for my bed. I’m not sure if I’ll find anything I will like, but I hope to find something, even if it’s a new throw pillow!

Well, that’s all for now! What Black Friday deals are you looking forward to?

Thank you for reading!

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