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Barbie The Movie Dreamhouse In Walmart

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new live action Barbie movie that will be released in theaters on July 26. Even though it is June, I began to see tie in merchandise for the movie in stores and online. I plan on purchasing a Barbie doll from the movie mostly because I loved Barbie as a child. I planned on buying one at the Walmart closest to me, but they didn’t have any. Instead, they had the Barbie Dreamhouse from the movie…

After looking at it in person, I can honestly say that if this movie came out in the 1990’s, I would’ve wanted this dream house for my birthday or Christmas. I looks pretty nice and just like the one in the movie. There was not an unboxed Dreamhouse to look at in person, so the picture on the box is as good as it gets.

EDIT: After publishing this post, I decided to double check to see if the measurements actually was given in centimeters only. They weren’t. The measurements were indeed given in imperial (Feet and inches) as well as metric (Centimeters and meters). This is why I crossed out the following paragraph. Yes, what I wrote isn’t true and it’s my fault for not double checking myself before publishing! I’m sorry for any confusion this may have cause anyone looking into purchasing the Dreamhouse! The final paragraph is still true though.


Even though it was neat to look at, I noticed some things about it. The first thing I noticed is the Dreamhouse’s measurements are given only in centimeters, not inches and centimeters. I’m not sure why this is, but if you or someone you know is looking into purchasing the Dreamhouse, are worried about the size of it, and doesn’t understand centimeter increments like inches, then you or someone you know will need to convert from centimeters to inches. It isn’t as big of an issue as other things, but it is odd to see in the United States. I haven’t seen other Barbie products, movie tie in or not, sold in the United States that don’t have inches given in the measurements!

The other thing I noticed about the Dreamhouse is the price. At the Walmart I found the Dreamhouse at, it was for sale for $179 USD. It is a lot of money, but I know on another website it costs $199 USD. Granted, the higher price is from Bloomingdales, which has other Barbie tie-in merchandise including children and women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories and sells products for a premium price point in general. Still, I found it odd there was a $20 USD price difference between the two Dreamhouses. I can’t see anything different in the Bloomingdales version than the Walmart version to justify the difference in price. Still, I think it would be a good idea to shop around to see which store has the better price for it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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