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Sephora VIB Sale Haul- August 2018

On August 31, I shopped at Sephora during their VIB sale. I was not expecting to go shopping at Sephora that month, but I decided to go anyway to see if there was anything I might like to purchase. After browsing, I settled on one bottle of perfume and a liquid lipstick that was in the clearance section of the store.

The fragrance I purchased was Marc Jacobs Daisy Love…

My favorite item to purchase during Sephora’s sales is fragrances because they normally do not go on sale and it’s a great opportunity to purchase a new fragrance for a discount. Daisy Love is a new fragrance in Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance line, so I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with it and, after sniff testing other fragrances I wanted, I decided to buy it. According to the listing, the fragrance notes are crystallized cloudberries, daisy tree petals, cashere musk, and driftwood. Although the fragrance notes are not what I typically want in my fragrances, I still love it and already wore it.

The second, and last, item I purchased at Sephora was Too Faced Melted Latex liquid lipstick I found in the clearance section of the store…

I wanted to try this liquid lipstick because it has a high shine to it. I normally wear mate liquid lipstick and find it very drying, so I wanted to see if a high shine liquid lipstick would make a difference. I have yet to wear it for a long period of time, mostly because I don’t normally wear a bright red lipstick, but after trying it I found it to be comfortable to wear, and very shinny!


Well, that’s all I have to show you! I hope to shop at Sephora again soon. I found so many other items, specifically foundation, that I want to try.

Thank you for reading!

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