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Yankee Summer Candle Sale Haul- August 2018

One day, while shopping at Walmart, I decided to browse the clearance aisle. Since the Walmart I shopped at is not my local Walmart, I was curious to see what they had on clearance. I’m very happy I did because I found Yankee candles on clearance for really good prices. Since the candles are summer scents, I decided to stock up on them because I have plenty of fall and winter scented candles, but no summer scented ones.

The first candle I purchased was Pineapple Cilantro…

I love the fresh scent of this candle and the scent of pineapples so I think I will like this candle’s scent in my home.

The second candle I purchased was Beach Walk…

This is the smallest candle size in this haul because I was unsure of the scent. I do like the scent, but I didn’t want the large size of the candle in the event I didn’t like it when the candle burned.

The next candle I purchased was coconut beach…

Out of all the candles I purchased, I love this one the most. I love the scent of vanilla and, in addition to the coconut scent, there are vanilla notes. I really do look forward to burning this candle the most.

The next candle I purchased was Mango Peach Salsa…

The scent of this candle is so  citrus and fresh I wish I could eat it! (I know it sounds weird to want to eat a candle, but I love eating citrus, especially pears, so I’m very happy I found this candle.)

The last candle I purchased was Life’s a Breeze…

I really like this candle’s beach scent. It is similar to Beach Walk, but when I was in the store, I like Life’s a Breeze more than Beach Walk.

Even though I purchased these candles in August, I have yet to burn them. Since these candles are summer scents, I really need to burn at least one of them before the fall gets into full swing!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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