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Bath and Body Works Christmas Body Care Haul- 2022

In November, I went to Bath and Body Works to shop their 2022 Christmas collection. Earlier this year, I didn’t anticipate purchasing anything from their Christmas collection. After I saw what products they offered and what they would smell like, I decided to smell them in person before I purchased anything.

On the day I shopped at Bath and Body Works, there was a buy three get three free sale. Inspired by the sale, I decided to purchase anything that I liked and smelled good that day. Once I finished shopping, I had six products: Three shower gels and three fine fragrance mist.

Even though I purchased everything in November, I decided to wait until December and Blooms to write a haul post about everything I purchased.

The first item I purchased is a bottle of Dream Bright shower gel…

Dream Bright is a new scent for 2022. It has the fragrance notes of “sapphire berries, night-blooming orchid and crystalized vanilla.” I love berry and vanilla scents, so I was extremely excited to smell it. I originally wanted the fine fragrance mist of Dream Bright, but the Bath and Body Works I shopped at didn’t have it available. Instead, I purchased a bottle of the shower gel.

The next item I purchased is Frosted Coconut Snowball fine fragrance mist…

I was very disappointed by the lack of Dream Bright fragrance mist available to purchase, so I searched around for a different holiday scent to purchase. That’s when I stumbled on Frosted Coconut Snowball. It fragrance notes are “frosted coconut, whipped vanilla, sugar crystals, winter freesia and snow-kissed woods.”

The next items I purchased is the shower gel and fine fragrance mist of Ice Sugar Plum…

I wasn’t sure if I would like Iced Sugar Plum’s scent notes. I was worried they would be too sugary for me. After smelling it in store, I fell in love with it. It’s not super sweet, but it is sweet enough. There is also a beautiful floral scent note in it. The scent notes are “sparkling sugar plum, snowdrop petals and whipped marshmallow.”

The last two items I purchase are the shower gel and fine fragrance mist of the scent Strawberry Snowflakes…

From the moment I saw Strawberry Snowflakes, I knew I would need to try it. I love strawberry scents, so I figured it would have the most potential. After smelling it in store, I knew I was right. The scent notes are “juicy strawberry, whipped cream and iced bergamot.”

I am very happy with my haul, but there are still products I wish were available to purchase. In addition to missing out on purchasing the fine fragrance mist of Dream Big, the store I shopped at didn’t have other scents I wanted to look at. The scents I was specifically interested in were Bright Christmas Morning and Vanilla Mocha Martini. I wanted both in fine fragrance mists, but I didn’t see one for Vanilla Mocha Martini and there were absolutely no Bright Christmas Morning products available to purchase at the store.

Although I am sad I missed out on purchasing the scents in the store I shopped at, I did find them later in another Bath and Body Works store. Although the Vanilla Mocha Martini is a more robust scent, it is a great scent if you love chocolate and coffee, or in this case tonka beans. As for Bright Christmas Morning, it is a beautiful citrus scent. It is both bright and cheerful, but perfect for the winter months.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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