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Favorite Department Stores To Shop Online on Black Friday for 2020

It’s almost Black Friday, which means there’s a lot of sales happening. This year’s Black Friday is different than previous years because of the pandemic and social distancing, so some of the best sales are found more online than in store. Despite this, I have some favorite stores I love to shop online during Black Friday and, in some cases, the week leading up to Black Friday.

Since there are more stores making an effort to draw customers to their websites, here are my favorite stores to shop online during Black Friday.


One of my favorite stores to shop at during Black Friday is Target. I always find many bargains on Target’s website, including electronics, movies, music, books, and Christmas decor. In the past, there has been specials on bedding, home decor, makeup, beauty, clothing, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, and baby items. Because of this, Target is one of the first places I shop on Black Friday for sales and great deals.



Nordstorm is a higher end department store, but they are known for having many sales near Black Friday. My most favorite sales Nordstorm happen online, especially for the designer end of season sale. I always find luxury brand items for as much as 60% off normal price and items and brands that normally never go on sale are normally part of the sale. My favorite items to buy from Nordstorm’s Black Friday sale is Burberry scarfs. In previous years, I found them for 40% off their normal price.



Macy’s has great Black Friday sales in store, but my favorite way to shop at Macy’s Black Friday sales are online. There, they have exclusive sales that are available online only and cannot be found in store. Plus, items that are available online only sometimes go on sale as well. Because of this, I really love shopping at Macy’s website for deals. My favorite items to buy online during Macy’s Black Friday sales are Christmas tree ornaments, specifically ornaments from Swarovski, Waterford, and Lenox.



Bloomingdale’s is a sister store of Macy’s, but the products Bloomingdales sells are normally at the same price point as Nordstrom. Because of this, their Black Friday sales include products from higher end and luxury brands. Bloomingdale’s usually put items on sale that Nordstrom and Macy’s do not, so to find a different variety of items on sale I love to shop there on Black Friday. My favorite items to look for during Bloomingdale’s Black Friday sales are shoes, clothes, Christmas decorations, and accessories such as handbags.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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