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Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Celebration Eau de Perfume Review

Every year, Victoria’s Secret releases two limited edition versions of their Bombshell fragrances. There is one fragrance released for the summertime and a second for the holiday/Christmas season. Sometimes I liked these fragrances, but sometimes I don’t.

This year’s holiday fragrance is called Bombshell Celebration. It has fragrance notes that peaked my interest, so I purchased a bottle to try and see if I’d enjoy.

The Bombshell Celebration fragrance I purchased is in the 1.7 oz size, which is the smallest size that can be purchased in the bottle form…

It comes in a box with a clear, plastic front so the fragrance bottle can be seen before opening the box. The box is also wrapped with a champagne gold Victoria’s Secret ribbon on the sides and top of the box. In order to get the box open and take the fragrance out, the clear plastic front needs to be removed. It is easily done by removing the stickers on two sides of the box, which holds the plastic front to the rest of the box.

Once the bottle is out of the box, it looks like this…

The bottle is a light pink hue and the glass has an art deco/ firework inspired design incorporated in it. It has a ribbon tied to the spritzer that matches the ribbon on the box. The bottle also has a gold chain hanging off the neck of the bottle with a charm that says the name of the fragrance, Bombshell Celebration.

The product description for the fragrance is…

This season, life is the party. And it’s your time to shine. Introducing Bombshell Celebration, a limited-edition holiday sister to America’s No. 1 Fragrance, Bombshell. A sparkling burst of Rosé Champagne gets the party started. The effervescent feel glistens against Snowkissed Peony, its frosty petals adding a feminine floralcy. Aromatic Blue Spruce contrasts with creamy Sandalwood to create our exclusive Winter Woods note, giving the fragrance a clean, comforting foundation.

The fragrance type is floral fruity and has notes of Snowkissed Peony, Rosé Champagne and Winter Woods.

I always make a point to look at every new seasonal fragrance Victoria’s Secret releases, no matter if it’s for the summer or the Christmas holidays season. I was very drawn to this fragrance for two reasons: The fragrance notes and the bottle. I love peony scents, as well as fruity floral scents. Also, I recently began to like recent releases of fragrances with champagne notes in them, especially from Bath and Body Works. This fragrance is not only described as floral fruity and has peony and rose champagne notes. Because of this, I didn’t see why I wouldn’t possibly like it enough to buy it.

After trying it in store, I loved the scent so much that I purchased a bottle of it. After opening the box and trying the fragrance, I can honestly say I really do love this fragrance. It’s a very nice combination of floral and fruity fragrance notes. The woody base note is not overpowering or harsh like in other fragrances and works well with my body’s oils. I don’t like strong scents that last a long time, but this fragrance, which lasts a long time on my skin, isn’t so strong that it irritates me. It is very pleasant smell and I enjoy wearing it.

I really enjoy wearing this fragrance. I hope you will have the chance to try Bombshell Celebration before the end of the holiday season!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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