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What I Learned About My Fashion Taste by Making My Own Clothes

For the past few months, I tried to spend my spare time on making myself new clothes. I enjoy sewing, but I never had the time to make myself clothes. This changed a few months ago when I had vehicle problems that caused me to stay home more often than I thought I would. Even though I started to spend this time sewing myself clothes, I had a hard time focusing on making the clothes. There are several reasons why this happened, but one of the things that I struggled with is the style of my sewing patterns.

Since I was at home for so long, I didn’t go anywhere. That also means I didn’t need to have a closet full of clothes I can where when I go out. I didn’t need special occasion clothes, office clothes, or clothes for anything but staying at home most of the time. Even though I still needed these clothes, I didn’t feel motivated to work on them. I originally thought this was due to my focus on the vehicles and problems with them and other things that happened in my life at that time, but I realized I didn’t feel motivated to sew because I hated my sewing patterns and the clothes they would make.

I am very picky about my clothes. I like functional clothes with style. I also don’t really know what to classify my fashion style as. It is just too much of a combination of many different fashion styles that are not only stylish and appealing, but is also highly functional and comfortable to wear. Since I recovered from my long term illness, I’m even more picky about the clothes I wear. I like clothes that cover areas I’m self conscious about and allow for easier movement for parts of my body, specifically my arms, that needs long term healing.  Since I’m worried about more than how good I look in my clothes, I have a hard time figuring out what kind of clothes will do everything I want it to and lasts after many many wears.

Whenever I looked through my patterns for something new to create, I couldn’t figure out if the pattern will make something I not only want to wear, but will be clothes that will do everything I need it do. Some of them I know I will look good in, but will be uncomfortable for me to wear right now. Others I knew I’d be comfortable wearing it, but it would make me look frumpy. Yet, the more I looked at my sewing patterns, I realized I like feminine fashions with tighter fitting bodices… which is why I can’t wear them.

After searching online for more inspiration, I ran into another issue: I want to dress stylishly, but I hate the way many modern fashion styles look on me. Also, many of the older fashion trends I really like (Such as 1950’s fashion) are hard for me to wear because of my physical needs. I also know that some of the clothes are very hard to make, especially formal clothes, are very hard to make because of the complexity of the clothes and special sewing techniques that are needed to make the clothes.

Even though I wanted to buy clothes at the store, my physical needs make it hard to find clothes that will work for me. This is why, even though I can now drive more places than I have for the past few month, I am still am trying to figure out what kind of clothes I want to make that I will like and will work for me. So far I think I will probably be making myself clothes with the patterns I already own, but with modifications. Some of the patterns need to be adjusted for thicker straps, others need to have a redesign of the waist line. No matter how much I need to change the patterns, I’m very optimistic about my future clothes. I really want to have some nicer clothes than the ones I currently own. 

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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