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Bath and Body Works Pure Wonder Body Mist Review

A while ago, Bath and Body Works released a new scent called Pure Wonder. Like with all the new scents Bath and Body Works releases, I wanted to smell it. It took me a few weeks to have the time to shop at a Bath and Body Works, but I finally have the chance in early November. After I smelled it, I really liked it and decided to buy a bottle of the body mist.

The bottle for the fragrance looks like this…

According to the back of the bottle, the fragrance notes are iced rose, star jasmine, and warm white ember…

The fragrance is very light and feminine. It smells like berries and flowers at the same time. The amber scent notes are noticeable to me when I sprayed the bottle, but it didn’t overpower the berry and flower notes.

When I applied the fragrance, it gave off a series of scents that caught my attention. There were the scent notes the fragrance is supposed to have, but it also gave off a scent that confused me including a soapy floral scent. I didn’t bother me enough to try to take the fragrance off, but it was a surprise and confused me.

The fragrance is a light fragrance so I didn’t expect it to stay on my skin for a very long time. It took about three hours for it to become unnoticeable unless I put my wrist to my nose to see if the fragrance can still be smelled. By that time, the fragrance notes that remained was the amber. The berry and Jasmine scents were there, but it wasn’t as noticeable as it was when I sprayed it onto my skin first.

Overall this fragrance smells nice. It’s an excellent light. femine fragrance that would be great for the winter season. It doesn’t last as long as a perfume, but it would still be a great fragrance for anyone looking for a light, floral fragrance from Bath and Body Works.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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