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Victoria’s Secret Pink Vanilla Snow Body Mist Review

Every season, Victoria’s Secret releases new fragrances for the new season. These limited-edition fragrances are part of Victoria’s Secret main line of fragrances, but they also release limited edition body mists under their Pink label. I sometimes like these limited-edition mists more than the main line of fragrances that are available year-round. This year, I didn’t find many fragrances in the Pink line that I enjoyed for any season, but I did like one fragrance from their winter collection: Vanilla Snow.

Since it is a limited-edition fragrance, and it seems to be very popular, I wanted to write a review about it for Blogmas 2021. This way it could possibly still be available for purchase for anyone who is curious about the scent as well.

The bottle looks like this…

Sorry about the shine in the photographs. I didn’t have the right lighting to take photos of the bottle without a shine on the label.

When I decided to write a post about this body mist, the Vanilla Snow fragrance was sold out online. Instead, I decided to use the product description for the body lotion of Vanilla Snow…

Whipped up. Toasted. Sugar-coated. Cozy treats and fireside feels get bottled in two addicting, seasonal scents. This hydrating lotion delivers 24 hours of moisture for soft, scented skin.

The body lotion’s scent on the Victoria’s Secret website is…

Smells like cookies in the oven and fluffy-fresh snow. With notes of Sugar Cookie and Sprinkles.

After smelling and using the body mist, I believe the description of the lotion’s scent is exactly how I would describe the scent of the mist. It is a very sweet scent and it smells like sugar cookies, sprinkles, and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Since the scent is so sweet, it may not be good for everyone. Especially if they don’t like sweet smelling fragrances at all. I personally don’t mind certain sweet-smelling fragrances, so I wanted to give it a try. After trying it, I really liked it. Sometimes, I really don’t like sweet-smelling fragrances at all. They usually have base scent notes that are out of balance with the sweeter top notes. This, along with how my body’s oils respond to the scents, makes the scent smell really bad on me. This happens so often that I completely avoid any fragrance that is described as “sweet” scented. As for Vanilla Snow, I don’t have this problem. It is the right balance of sweet notes that does not overpower me or smell off with my body’s oils.

Even though I enjoy this fragrance, it’s not for everyone. You will smell like a sugar cookie if you wear this body mist. However, the more you wear this fragrance, the less cookie-like you will smell. Instead, the vanilla becomes more pronounced, causing the scent to have what I would describe as a light, Christmas scent.

If you enjoy sweet scents or want to wear a scent that is more fun than serious scent, then definitely try Vanilla Snow. The wear time was pretty long for a body mist (Around two to four hours depending on what I did that day) but this will vary depending on the wearer’s body oils and what they are doing while wearing it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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