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Bath and Body Works Bright Christmas Morning Shower Gel Review

It’s late January, but I still have Christmas themed beauty products to talk about! I wanted to talk about them earlier this month (And in late December) but things were too busy to write review posts at that time. So, I decided to talk about them before the month is over!

One of the products I really enjoyed using is the shower gel version of Bath and Body Works’ scent Bright Christmas Morning. I struggled to find a bottle of shower gel in the scent, but I finally found one near Christmas. Since then, I used it multiple times and really loved it. Even though it is long past Christmas, I still wanted to talk about it.

Before I review the shower gel, this is what the fine fragrance mist and shower gel look like…

And this is what the back of the shower gel describes the scent as…

The back of the bottle says the fragrance notes are Ripe Red Berries, Blood Orange, and Crisp Apple.

I really love this scent. It is fruity and fresh, yet very appropriate for winter. Even though it is a seasonal scent, it is the kind of scent that can be used for all winter long. I think it can also be used for late winter into early spring.

The scent lasts a long time on the skin. After I washed for the first time with the shower gel, the scent lasted for well over three hours on my skin. This is one of the longest lasting shower gel scents I ever used from Bath and Body Works. I also really loved the way my skin smelled with the skin on it. Even though the fragrance lasted a long time, it was still a very fresh and clean scent.

I highly recommend this scent to anyone looking for a fruity fragrance for the Christmas season. Even though it is part of Bath and Body Work’s Christmas collection, I really love it for other times of the year. I hope it returns for the holiday/ Christmas season 2023!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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