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Do You Need to Own Luxury Items To Be Considered Classy and Feminine?

For a few years, I’ve fallen down the dark hole of luxury YouTube videos. In the videos I normally watch, there are shopping trips to luxury brand boutiques, luxury hauls, and yearly collection videos. After watching them for a few years, I can honestly say that I cannot afford to buy enough luxury items yearly because I don’t make enough money. There were years when I did make enough money to buy them, but then I got sick and all the money I probably would’ve spent on luxury items went to doctor bills and other health related costs.

Because of the costs related to my illness, I began to look at luxury items in a different light. Back when I was a teenager there were luxury bags, accessories, and clothes I liked and would love to own, but couldn’t afford because… well… I was a teenager and I needed to go to college. Today, I still love those same items, and bought my favorites on the second hand market, but after all these years, and getting sick along the way, I began to realize as a teen I believed in order to be a classy, feminine lady of great importance you will need to own a wardrobe full of luxury brand named clothes, shoes, and accessories.

This was, of course, wrong. And the reason is because of luxury items do not represent someone’s moral code. It does represent, in my eyes, how much someone is willing to pay for everyday items with either an expectation of a better quality product and/or a perceived higher social status.

I have no problem buying an item at a higher price because it will be made out of better materials with better craftsmanship that will last longer and take wear and tear better than a lower priced item. (As my friend told me, you sometimes need to spend money in order to save it in the long term) What I do have a problem is using an item that is priced very high as a way to validate a social status or shows you’re a success in life. Social status is a fickle thing and doesn’t really matter in the long run. As for proving success in life, the symbolism that someone is a success in life varies from person to person as well as their culture and moral code.

To value someone ability to be feminine and a classy individual based off their material things is easy to do but is not a true gauge of someone’s internal worth and beauty. It only shows their tastes and how much money they are willing to spend to own something. Not how smart, wise, and cleaver they are or what kind of a great friend they will be.

So, why are owning certain brand’s clothes, bags, and accessories make a woman appear to be more classy and “important”? There are many theories about why this is, but the one I like the most is because there is a certain visual appeal connected to certain types of clothing, bags, and accessories. The more understated the item, the “classier” it is. The problem is, as of this post, there is a cohesive fashion trend in many luxury brands that includes putting the fashion house’s brand all over the item. Many people, including myself, associate this trend, and pairing and wearing one single fashion house’s logos in one outfit, as being a walking billboard and advertisement for the brand. This trend contradicts the image and belief that owning items from luxury houses will automatically make you a classy person. After all, the definition of the word classy is “stylish and sophisticated”, not being a walking billboard for a luxury fashion house.

Although many luxury fashion houses do create and sell clothing, handbags, and accessories that are have very limited or no obvious branding, it has become harder and harder to find anything without logos all over it. In my opinion, it’s better to find a good quality item without branding from a non luxury fashion house without paying the large prices luxury fashion houses. It won’t go out of style quickly and it will be easier to get your money’s worth out of the item. Although I am guilty of wanting luxury items that have branding all over it, if I need to purchase a new item of clothing or handbag I will turn to brands with a more affordable price point and good quality instead of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for the same exact item.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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