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Why I’m So Excited About Christmas in July 2020

Last Saturday was the day Hallmark Gold Crown releases the first of three waves of Christmas ornaments. The Hobby Lobby nearest me has some Christmas trees already out and there are Christmas in July sales. Many people may groan at all the Christmas things now available, but I’m very excited to see them out.

While it’s true I love Hallmark Gold Crown’s ornaments and do shop for them in July, I don’t always like to see many Christmas decorations and items for sale. It is always too early for them and I enjoy looking at the fall decor more. (Especially the fall scents! They always remind me of cooler weather… which I need during Arizona’s hot July weather.)

This year, I feel different about Christmas in July.

All the excitement connected to Christmas is something I need right now to cheer me up. It also reminds me that there is something exciting coming sooner rather than later. After the lock downs and shut downs, I can truthfully say nothing can cancel decorating a Christmas tree, Christmas movies, or seeing Christmas lights on neighbor’s houses. There will need to be social distancing, but at least there is something to do and look forward to.

I know there will be people who won’t be excited for Christmas and there will be obvious changes to celebrations for Christmas including some nobody will know about until it happens, but I want to be optimistic about this Christmas season as well as optimistic in general.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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