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Hot Tools Collective Haul 2019

Last year, I needed a new hair straightener. I finally settled on buying a Hot Tools hair straightener but, while shopping, I found more hair styling tools on sale that I needed or will need in the future. Since they were on sale, I decided to buy them as well.

Although I originally wanted to make this post earlier this year, I decided to wait because of the strange things that happened in the world. Since things are calming down, I decided to finally publish this post.

The first Hot Tools hair styling tool I purchased was a 1″ curling iron…

I purchased this curling iron at JcPenny’s near Black Friday. I used to have a curling iron, but I didn’t like it very much. The curling iron barrel was too small for the kind of hair styles I wanted to do and it had trouble heating right. So, I stopped using it. When I saw this curling iron in a barrel size I wanted, I bought it.

The second Hot Tools hair styling tool I purchased is a one inch flat iron…

I purchased this flat iron at Ulta Beauty. I picked this flat iron because the controls and on/off buttons are on the side, not close the plates. I’m always afraid to use a flat iron that has controls near the plates because if I want to change the temperature or turn off the flat iron, I will need to put my hands near the plates and possibly burn my fingers. Since this one doesn’t have that problem, I decided to buy it.

The last Hot Tools styling tool I purchased was a deep waver…

The day I went to Ulta Beauty to buy my flat iron, they had a special offer for all Hot Tools hair styling tools: If you buy one Hot Tools hair styler, you will get one free. The store didn’t have very many options to pick from, but they did have this deep waver. I secretly wanted one since I was a teenager, but I never needed one to I didn’t buy one. Since it was an option, I picked it as my free Hot Tools hair styler.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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