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Morphe 35X Big Primpn’ Artistry Pallete Review

In late November and early December 2021, I purchased myself makeup as a self gifted birthday and Christmas present. One of my purchases was the Morphe 35x Big Primpn’ Artistry Pallete. The eye shadow pallet is part of Morphe’s 2021 holiday makeup collection. Even though it was available for a limited time, I heard that it was still available at a few Ulta Beauty stores after Christmas. Because of this, there is a small chance the pallet can still be purchased.

Despite this, I debated if I should write a review about the pallet in January. I didn’t want to come off as someone who is flaunting the fact I have the pallet when others didn’t have the chance to purchase the pallet themselves. (It was a very popular pallet at my nearest Ulta Beauty store!) Still, I hope this review will help anyone who is curious about the pallet, my thoughts on it, and if they should consider their search for it.

Before I talk about the pallet, I wanted to show what it looks like. The box the pallet comes in looks like this from the front…

And this is what it looks like from the back…

The pallet looks like this closed…

And here is what the pallet itself looks like…

The pallet is a warm tone pallet. The colors range from light pinks and neutrals to dark warm toned shades of orange and burnt umber to dark burgundy shades and black. The eye shadows in the pallet are a combination of matte and glitter. The glitter shades have a very fine glitter, not chunky.

The eye shadows are, as I expected from Morphe, excellent. As of this post, I have yet to use all the colors in the pallet. Even though I can’t speak for all the colors, the ones I used are very pigmented and are easy to blend. I found no fallout from the shades I used. The glitter shades are smooth and appear more metallic when blended out. I really like them because they don’t look I applied an eye shadow with a glitter to it. They also blend and look really pretty when used with the matte shades in the pallet or in other Morphe artistry pallets.

I really like this pallet. It is the kind of pallet you could buy and then use all year round. Not all the colors look good on me (They are too warm toned for my skin tone) but there are enough colors I can use to justify owning and using the pallet. I highly recommend this pallet to anyone who wants to have an eye shadow pallet in the color scheme this one is in, an eye shadow pallet from a holiday collection that can be used year-round, and/or wants or needs an eye shadow pallet with warm tones to it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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