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Clinique Dramatically Different Lipstick Review

When I was a teenager, Clinique was one of the most popular make up and skin care brands in a higher, above drug store price point. I used Clinique when I was in my late teens and liked some of the products and didn’t like others. After years of not using Clinique’s make up or skin care, I decided to try some of the products I liked or wanted to try but never got around to it.

The first product I tried is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lipstick in the color 44, Raspberry Glace.This is what the box for the lipstick looks like…

And this is what the lipstick tube looks like out of the box…

And here is the lipstick and the color Raspberry Glace…

Although I tried to take photographs of the lipstick swatches on my skin, I’m afraid the photographs didn’t turn out well. Because of this, I decided to go ahead and write this post without photographs of swatches.

The Dramatically Different lipstick is a lipstick line that is supposed to moisturize lips while providing the kind of color that a normal lipstick will provide. I used to love the Dramatically Different lipstick because of how it would moisturize lips like a lip balm without sacrificing the pigmentation other lipsticks did. When I found the lipsticks are still available, I happily bought one in a color I didn’t wear years ago: Raspberry Glace, a violet red color that looks great on people with blue undertones in their skin.

According to Ulta Beauty’s page for the lipstick, the Dramatically Different lipstick has a review rating of three out of five stars and, as of July 2020, the reviews are divided between five stars and one star. According to the recent reviews, as of July 2020, the biggest problem with the lipstick is a recent change of the formula. I purchased my lipstick before March 2020, but after reading the reviews that talk about the formula change, I’m certain the lipstick I’m reviewing it a lipstick with the formula change.

The core of the lipstick didn’t bother me much, which seams to be a common complaint in the negative reviews, but I did notice that the lipstick is not as hydrating as it used to be. This bothered me because I expected it to be similar to the versions I used to use as a teenager, but it did provide some hydration than other lipsticks I’ve tried. I also noticed the lipstick doesn’t apply or wear like the original lipstick formulas did. The original lipsticks applied smoothly while this one does apply smoothly, but nothing compared to the original formula. The original lipstick formula also wore longer than the current formula. Again, the current formula wears very well, especially compared to some drug store lipsticks I’ve tried, but nothing like the original formula. And finally, the current formula of lipsticks, specifically this color, is not as pigmented as I remember the lipsticks being. I used to adore blue-red lipstick from this line because of their light pigment, but this one is more sheer than opaque. That disappointed me a lot and made me wonder if this was normal across the whole entire line of lipsticks.

Although I’m disappointed with the current formula of the Dramatically Different lipstick in Raspberry Glace, this lipstick is, by any means, not a bad lipstick. The color is beautiful and a great color for anyone who wants to use a violet colored lipstick, but doesn’t want to drift too far way from the blue-red colors. The color also has small flecks of gold glitter which adds a subtle shine. Also, even though I complain about the wear of the current formula, this current formula still wears well, which impresses me. Since my lipstick is a darker color, it will be obvious when the lipstick wears off, but it’s wear is so good that it won’t need reapplying after four hours of wear. It will wear off and it will be obvious it wore off after eating or drinking, with the first place to wear off is the inner part of the lips.

After trying this lipstick, I can give Dramatically Different lipstick’s formula three out of five stars but the color four and a half out of five stars. I love the color, which is why I bought this specific lipstick in the first place, but the formula, even though it’s not super bad, disappoints me. I want to try other shades in this lipstick line, but it may be a while before I buy another tube because I would rather spend my money on lipsticks with a formula I like more than this one. I may change my mind, but I’ll need to wait and see.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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