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Vitamins and Supplements for Beauty- Thoughts and Worries

To make a long story short, I had a health problem for years that was cured because I took vitamins. I don’t need those vitamins anymore, but I still take vitamins for after care. The problem? These vitamins are classified as beauty supplements.

I don’t want to go into details about why this is, but to give some sort of insight into why my doctor prescribed them is because I suffered from an antibiotic resistant infection. I took so many antibiotics throughout my life that it messed with my body’s ability to fight infections. So, when I became ill with a serious infection, my body couldn’t fight it. The antibiotics I took to fight the infection didn’t work and after a while the infection became antibiotic resistant.

One of the problems with taking so many antibiotics is it kills the good bacteria in the body. That’s what happened to me, and resulted in a vitamin deficiency because my body is unable to process food correctly. The vitamin is also something many take as a supplement to improve hair, nails, and skin. The improvement of hair and skin is also a reason why my doctor prescribed them to me, (They are also symptoms of the vitamin deficiency I suffer from) but not without me asking many questions about it.Even though I enjoy the benefits of taking vitamins and supplements for my vitamin deficiencies (Yes, I have more than one) and helped my body heal from the infection, I’m also wary when I need to take vitamins. Vitamins are taken to offset a problem with the body’s ability to absorb or accept (If you want to call it that) vital nutrients that it needs to work right. But I’ve known people who took them freely just because that’s what someone needs to take to stay healthy, no matter if a doctor prescribed them or not.

And this is why I worry about anyone who takes vitamins for beauty reasons. If they are not prescribed by a doctor, and the doctor does not check the intake of them on a regular basis, then the person who takes the vitamins are putting their health at risk.

Someone I once knew took vitamins to help improve their skin’s texture and offset the look of wrinkles. It did work for a while, but eventually they became very sick with stomach problems. The doctor they saw afterword told them that they could take certain vitamins to help their skin, but because those vitamins included additional ingredients the doctor told them that they should’ve never taken those vitamins. The problem was the doctor never prescribed the original vitamins the person took. They found them at a supplement store and was suggested by a salesperson.

That person is fine, but in another story of vitamin taking gone wrong, a family member of mine took a non beauty-related vitamin that was in a large dose, believing it will help their health. It turned out this family member didn’t need the vitamin at all and ended up in the hospital to detox their body from the vitamin. Since both these stories happened around the same time, I had an aversion to taking vitamins unless absolutely necessary and even then I do as much research as I can and ask as many questions as I can think of before actually ingesting the vitamins.

What makes me sad is that some women do not look at the risks taking vitamins carry with them. All they see is their skin is beautiful, heir hair is stronger and healthier, and their nails are no longer brittle. They don’t see the damage inside their bodies that can be caused by taking vitamins without a doctor’s approval or a doctor’s monitoring guidance.

So, if anyone reading this or knows someone considering taking vitamins for beauty reasons, please ask a doctor if a vitamin is safe for the person to take before taking it. Also, ask the doctor about how much is safe to take for how long. Ask the doctor about side affects of the vitamin overdose as well as what to do in the event of an overdose. And finally, ask the doctor what kind of vitamin supplement should be taken. If it is over the counter, ask what kind of ingredients are to be avoided and why. That way, when searching for the right supplement to take, you or someone you know will know what ingredients in the ingredients list means and if it should be ingested by you. If there is an ingredient you do not recognize, ask the doctor or a pharmacist if one is in the store.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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