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5 Christmas Home Decor Items I Want For My Future House- 2020

July is almost over but I’m still making plans for Christmas. I’m very excited this year because I want to buy some new Christmas decor and other items for my future house. After watching Christmas sales for many years, I know what and when to buy it. Although I’m not sure if the sales will happen the same way as it did last year, I am hopeful I’ll find some of the things I want to own for my future house. I have many things I want to own, but here are five of the Christmas themed items I want to own for my future house.

Cookie Jar

I don’t use cookie jars, but I would love to own a cute Christmas themed one. I plan to use it as a home decor piece instead of storing cookies. I really don’t know what I want the cookie jar to look like except it needs to be Christmas themed.


Balsam Hill Tree (And/or Wreath and/or Swag)

I always wanted a Balsam Hill tree in my house, but I didn’t have the room for one. Although I still don’t have the room to store for a Balsam Hill tree, I would love to buy either a wreath or swag. Since Balsam Hill decor are pretty expensive, I would like to buy them for sale. Although this is not on the top of my to-buy Christmas decor list, it is something I would like to own one day.


Fine Christmas Themed China/Dinnerware

I want to buy some fine china, but I would also like to find a Christmas themed china. I already own a set from Disney, but I want a set of Christmas themed china without Mickey Mouse on it. I love Lenox’s Christmas themed dinnerware, but I’m not sure if I’ll buy anything this year because of storage problems.


Shabby Chic Ornaments

A themed Christmas tree is something I always wanted to do for Christmas. I have many theme ideas, but the first ornaments I want to buy for a themed tree is Shabby Chic themed ornaments. I already own pink and gold ball ornaments as well as some Shabby Chic themed ornaments from Target, so this year I would like to continue looking for Shabby Chic ornaments to buy.


A Nativity Set

The last Christmas decoration I would love to find this year is a nativity set. I always wanted one but usually couldn’t found one I liked, found one I liked but couldn’t afford it, or found one I liked and it sold out before I could buy it. This year I’m on the hunt for, once again, a nativity set.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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