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Top 5 Weirdest Christmas Presents I Ever Asked For

In November, while talking to my friends, they began to joke about all the weird things they asked for as presents over the years. I, of course, am no exception. In fact, the reason why this conversation started was because I asked for something odd for Christmas to make my life easier. As our joking continued, I began to realize all the weird things I asked for over the years for Christmas, specifically dealing with my main hobbies of sewing, knitting, crafting, and art.

After remembering all the weird, odd, or unusual presents I asked for over the years, I thought it would make a great post for Blogmas. So, here are five of the weirdest Christmas present requests I ever made, which are more functional and needed than people may think.

Kitchen Tongs for Ironing

This present request was the present that started the conversation. I do a lot of ironing because I sew a lot and, while complaining about how hot fabric gets after ironing, I said I would love to use some kitchen tongs with silicon edges to handle the fabric. Because of this, I said “Hey! If anyone needs a present idea for me, there it is!” I, of course, was joking, but it did make me wonder if I could find a small set of cheep kitchen tongs at Walmart, using coupons at Kohl’s, or during a Black Friday sale for the sole purpose of handling hot fabric after ironing it.


A Beginner’s Knitting Kit

I recently asked one of my friends what she thought of a knitting kit I found on Nordstrom I wanted. She was surprised I wanted a knitting kit because I’m already an experienced knitter, even though I’m only good at scarfs, blankets, and beanies. The kit is for beginning knitters and, jokingly, I said I’d like that as a present. Even though I wasn’t serious about asking for it as a present, it sent my friend into a panic. After I told her it was a joke and I wanted it because I thought it would make a great kit to review in a YouTube video, she calmed down. The funny thing is, I asked for other knitting kits before. Those are meant for beginner knitters as well, but I wanted them because they are sold by Etsy shops that I really liked. She did give me those kits, but I know that if I ask for the kit from Nordstorm, which probably does not have high quality wool like the Etsy kits, she’ll probably get upset again.



The one thing I asked for that was not a joke is fabric. I tell my friends if they go somewhere where small fabric stores are located, to buy me a yard or a half a yard as gift. I love collecting the fabric they buy for me and I plan to buy fabric for my friends that sew when I’m able to travel again. One time, I asked my friends to buy me a bolt of expensive fabric I knew they would be able to buy and pick up in person. They didn’t not because they were upset I asked for fabric, but because they second guessed how many yards to buy. It didn’t bother me though, but it did remind me that if I want fabric to make something out of, I need to buy it myself. Or ask for gift cards to the fabric store.


A Sewing Pattern to Make Fake Wall Mounted Animal Heads

I didn’t receive this one, but one of my friends wanted to give me a joke gift. So, they asked me what kind of sewing pattern I hated the most and they’d buy it for me. After some thought, I remembered a Simplicity brand sewing pattern I thought was weird. The pattern made fake wall mounted animal heads for children’s rooms. It was the kind of thing I would’ve hated as a child, but I didn’t believe they would give it to me as a present, so I asked for it. When I got my presents, they didn’t give it to me for Christmas not because they didn’t want to, but because the pattern was sold out. To this day I don’t know what drove the rush to buy such a sewing pattern so close to Christmas.


A Throw Pillow Insert

Once, when I was in my teens, I had the idea to make myself throw pillows. So, I asked someone for a throw pillow insert. The person I asked looked at me funny before they said “I’ll give you a gift card so you can buy it for yourself. Or buy whatever else you want. I think you’ll like buying something else more.” They did give me a gift card, but. like they believed I would be, I bought myself books, movies, and music instead of throw pillow insert. As for the pillow inserts, I eventually bought myself two plain pillows on clearance to use as pillow inserts. The cost of the two clearance pillows were cheaper than the pillow insert two pack.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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