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5 Thing I Hate About Living in a Small Town

I’m from a small town and, after living in that same small town all my life, I can honestly say there are many things I hate about living in my town and in a small town in general. Even though there are many things about a small town that I enjoy, I wanted to mention 5 things I hate about living in a small town.

Everyone Knows Everyone… Too Much

Small towns are known for the familiarity of the neighbors, but after a while this familiarity can become very intrusive and annoying. People can become very concerned with a new person in the town and their curiosity can become problematic, especially if the townspeople find fault with the person, their actions, their past, and/or their beliefs. Not everyone experiences this, but in my town I’ve seen this happen.


Limited Grocery Stores

Small towns don’t have a lot of grocery stores because big box grocery stores won’t normally go to every small town. The reason is because there aren’t enough people to shop at the store. Even though big box grocery stores won’t have a presence in the town, grocery stores are in the area… if it is a small business grocery store. I’ve been to towns where the grocery store has everything anyone may need, but I’ve been to grocery stores that don’t carry much and force the townspeople to go outside of the town for groceries and essentials.


Few Doctors, Barely Specialist Doctors, and No Hospitals

If you need medical help, there is a doctor, maybe even two. But if you need a specialist, such as an allergy doctor or dermatologist, you’ll need to travel to a larger town or city to visit one. And if you need a hospital, then you will probably need to travel even further to go to a hospital. The reason why is because there aren’t enough people in the area for a doctor to practice in the area or a hospital to stay open. So, in order to get medical treatment, especially in an emergency, then travel is required.


Limited Job Opportunities

If you want to have a job or have a job that is not normally part of the economy of the town, finding a job will be difficult. Unless the job will allow someone to work from home, then moving in order to have the job is required.


Open Mindedness and Opposing Political Opinions Aren’t Welcome

Small towns are known for their close knit communities, but that could cause a problem if someone wants to “shake things up” politically or try to change the townspeople minds. Even if the reason for the opposing political view is justified and logical, small towns may not see it that way. Also, since there aren’t a lot of people in a small town, someone with an opposing political view or shows an open mindedness will stand out much more than in a big city.


Well, that’s al for now! Thank you for reading!

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