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5 Luxury Items I Love But Can Never Justify Buying

For many years, it’s been normal to buy luxury items no matter what you’re budget is. Although I try to resist the urge to buy luxury items without a great deal of thought and saving, sometimes I see an item I know with 100% certainty that, even though I love it, I can never justify buying.

Before I continue, if you would like to own any of the items on this list, please do not take the fact I put these items on my list as an insult. Everything on this list is based off the amount of wear and tear, longevity of the item, as well as how well it will fit into my lifestyle, not on other’s opinions of them.

Phone Cases

I love Louis Vuitton’s trunk style phone cases for iphones, but they are so expensive I can’t imagine trying to buy one for myself. After looking at stores that sell second hand luxury items, I could see the wear and tear is not very good. For the price tag, I would much rather buy a phone case for ten or more dollars that takes wear and tear better than the very expensive Louis Vuitton phone cases.


Clear Bags

The clear bag trend is something that peaked my attention when luxury brands began selling it. I would love to own a nice clear bag so I can use it when I go to sporting events (AKA the nearby high school that won’t allow anyone to attend their varsity football games unless they carry the stuff in a clear bag) but luxury brand bags are so expensive I can’t see myself buying one just to use to go to a sporting event. Especially if the sporting event is a high school football game.



Although I love wearing sunglasses, luxury sunglasses are not something I plan to buy. (Unless they are from Nordstrom Rack. Then I’ll entertain buying them) The reason for this is because I’m near sighted and need my sunglasses to see while driving. Anyone who wears vision corrective glasses can tell you glasses are not cheep, especially if you buy new frames. Because of this, I cannot justify buying non prescription sunglasses that are above a certain price range. Since luxury sunglasses are well above my set price range (Sans at Nordstrom Rack), sunglasses are luxury items I will not buy, no matter how much I like them.


Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry can be a fun, inexpensive way to add contemporary jewelry without paying a lot of money for the fine jewelry… unless the costume jewelry if from luxury brands. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos talking about how expensive luxury brand costume jewelry is and the quality is not as good as anticipated. Because of this, I’d much rather pay far less money for good quality costume jewelry without the luxury brand price tag.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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