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Quilted Faux Leather Flats and Handbag

Earlier this year, I was shopping at Target when I found a pair of quilted faux leather flats for sale in the clearance section. Now that Autumn is next month, I wanted to talk about them along with a matching handbag I also found at Target.

Like I said before, the flats are quilted faux leather that have a cute ankle strap. They were for sale last year (2016) during the fall/winter time, so they have the right look for a fall outfit.

Recently, while at Target, I found a quilted faux leather bag that matches the flats.

I was so happy to find it because it matched the flats perfectly. I saw a quilted handbag at the same time the shoes were for sale at full price, but I missed buying the bag before it sold out. So, I was happy to see the bag for sale again!

I wanted to wear the flats earlier this year, but they ended up being too hot to wear during the summer. I plan on wearing them during the fall, but I’m not sure when. I want to do it when I can use my new handbag as well. Probably on a night out.

Thank you for reading!

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