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Marshall’s Beauty Haul- December 2022

Last month, I decided to go to Marshall’s to see if they had Christmas decorations I want. I didn’t find any decorations I wanted, but I did find beauty products I wanted.

The first item I purchased was First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Polish…

It say it will help exfoliate, brighten, and purify the skin. I liked other products from First Aid Beauty, but I don’t remember trying it. It was for sale for a great price, so I purchased a tube of it.

The second item I purchased was a tube of First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask…

I already purchased a tube of the product from Marshall’s earlier in 2022. I liked the results from it so much, I decided to buy another tube if I found it for sale at Marshall’s again. When I found a tube of it still available, I picked it up.

The next item I purchased is Living Proof’s Restore Repair Mask…

Living Proof is a really nice hair care line, but it is quite pricey! In the past I did pay full price for products at Ulta Beauty, but over time I favored less costly hair care products. When I saw a tube of the restore and repair hair mask, I thought it would be quite expensive. Instead, it wasn’t! The price was comparable to my current products, if not less, so I picked it up.

The final product I purchased was a OPI nail polish set…

I wanted to buy a gift set of neutral colored nail polish from OPI, but I forgot to look for one during the holiday season. While waiting in line to check out at Marshall’s, I saw this gift set. All the colors in the set are similar to what I wanted to look for, so I purchased it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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