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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event Haul- Part 2

Recently, I talked about attending the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event in July and that I didn’t get a few ornaments that I wanted because they sold out. A few weeks after the Premiere Event, I checked the stores again to see if they restocked the ornaments I wanted. Fortunately, they did have them restocked! So, I bought the ornaments along with a few other things.

And now, here is the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event haul, Part 2!

The first ornament I looked for and bought after the Hallmark stores restocked is the Mountain Bluebird.

Like I mentioned in my last ornament post, I missed purchasing this ornament because it sold out before I got to the store. Fortunetly, the stores restocked so I was able to get it a few weeks later.

I’m very pleased with the way the ornament looks. It’s very nice, detail, and is everything I anticipated it would look like.

I’m still a little disappointed that I could not get the limited release Mountain Bluebird ornament, but I am very happy with this one.

The next ornament I purchased is the Father Christmas ornament.

I heard from friends that this ornament is very nice and it looked nice in the store, but I didn’t get the chance to appreciate how nice it is until after purchased it and took it out of the box.

I cannot describe how impressed I am with this ornament! It has cloth robes, faux fur on the robe, and the ropes are burned on the ends so they will not fray. Also, the scroll in the shoulder bag comes out and has writing inside it.

(The word my thumb is covering is “and”. I’m sorry about that!)

Overall, I’m very pleased with the way it looks and the quality of it. I’m so happy I went back and purchased it!

The final ornament I bought was another Halloween ornament, Sweet Trick-or-Treater.

I went back and forth about if I should get it or not, but I decided to because it is just so cute! And all the other ornaments I wanted are sold out.

Even though this ornament’s quality did not impress me as much as the previous two ornaments, I like a lot and can’t wait to display it for Halloween!

The last thing I purchased during my Hallmark ornament shopping is a candle. The candle can be purchased in the store, but if you get a special card in the mail you can get one for free if you spend enough money. While purchasing the ornaments in this haul, I spent enough money, so I got the candle for free.

You can choose between two candles, one is a pumpkin sent (Named Pumpkin Harvest) and the other is apple (Named Baked Apple). Both smelled good to me, but I already have a favorite apple scented candle so I got the pumpkin. Also, I liked the candle holder for the pumpkin scented candle more the apple one.

The candle does not come in a nice box in the store, so the sales associate had to pack it in this Hallmark Gold Crown box with this nice quote on the top.

And this is what the candle looks like…

When I got home I realized it had a stronger scent than I anticipated. It still smells nice and does not bother me, but I think the scent might carry around my house more than I’d like it to. It might not be as bad as I think it will be, but I’ll check it again when I decorate for Autumn and Halloween.

Well, that’s all I have! I would like to go back and look at the new ornaments that come out in October, November, and December, but I’m unsure if I’ll end up buying anything. I am very happy with the ornaments I bought and the time the new ornaments are released is about the time when I want to cut back my spending so I can buy Christmas presents and go Black Friday shopping. We’ll see what ornaments are released in the coming months and if I want anything. (Which, as of this post, I only see one thing I like and that’s a maybe)

Thank you for reading!

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