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Bath and Body Works Holiday Haul- December 2022

In December, I decided to go to my closest Bath and Body Works to see if they had the Bright Christmas Morning shower gel in stock. I tried multiple times to find the shower gel, but they didn’t have any. On the day I went shopping, I found not only the shower gel, but also the fine fragrance mist and two other fine fragrance mists I wanted.

Even though Christmas is over, I wanted to write a haul post about all the items I purchased.

The first items I purchased were the Bright Christmas Morning fine fragrance mist and shower gel…

I was very happy to find them! I really love the scent as well. Even though it’s not Christmas anymore, I still use the shower gel.

The next item I purchased was a fine fragrance mist version of Wrapped in Vanilla…

I don’t know why I didn’t purchase a bottle of this scent. It is a very nice scent and suits me well in the wintertime.

The last item I purchased was Winter Berry Wonder…

I used to really like Winter Berry Wonder. I still love the scent, but I feel like I moved on from it. Even thought I liked the scent, I didn’t love it enough to keep wearing it. Over the years, I finished all the products I own in the scent. I wanted to own something in the scent, so I picked the fine fragrance mist. I am happy I chose the mist. It lets me enjoy the scent, but after it wears off I will miss it and want to reapply it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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