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2017 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Debut Event Wish List

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for the silence on this blog. I took a break from blogging for a while but I’m back!

On October 7, 2017, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores will hold their Keepsake Ornament Debut Event, an event to celebrate the release of new ornament for October. After attending the Premiere event in July, I was unsure if I wanted to go to the Debut Event. There was one ornament that I wanted to buy that would be released in October, but I didn’t care about anything else I saw for sale.

A few weeks ago, I received a booklet advertisement from Hallmark for the Debut event. While looking through it, I found a few ornaments that I wanted to potentially buy. (As of this post, I’m not sure if I will buy them, but I will look at them while buying the ornament that I already plan on purchasing.)

The booklet I received looked like this…

And, yes, I did get some coupons I can use to purchase my ornaments. (Yay!)

Although there are many new ornaments that are cute, the only ornament I would like to own that does not have anything to do with pop culture is this Santa Clause playing the bagpipes…

As much as I love this ornament, I cannot buy it because it is exclusive to the ornament club and can only be purchased by members. So, since I’m not a member of the ornament club, I cannot buy it. *sigh*

Anyway, the ornament that I really wanted from this ornament release and had my eye on for months is this Star Wars X-Wing Fighter ornament…

Even though the ornament did not come out until this month, it was on display in July. I thought it was ok when I saw it in the ornament dream book, but when I saw it in person, I knew I wanted it. The detail on it is very nice, much nicer than any other ornament of the X Wing fighters. Even though it is expensive for an ornament (It is over $35 USD), I liked it a lot. So, it is the only ornament I am certain want to buy.

When I looked through the Debut Event booklet, I saw a few ornaments I wanted to look for, bu I’ll talk about just two of them. One is of Thor from the movie Thor: Ragnarok…

And the second is of the Barbie 2017 Holiday doll…

A few years ago, I purchased a Thor ornament from Hallmark. Since I already had one, I thought I could get another one from the new movie. As for the Barbie doll ornaments, I liked the holiday dolls for this year, but I did not want to buy one. Since there are ornaments of the dolls, I could buy one of them instead!

Of course, my ornament purchasing plans are subject to change depending on what it available and if I like the ornaments when I see them in person. I’m very picky about the quality of ornaments and I’ve decided not to purchase ornaments simply because I didn’t like the way they looked in person. So, I can’t say if I certain buy the ornaments, or if I will find other ornaments that are not shown in the booklet and purchase them instead. We’ll see what I decide to do this Saturday!

Thank you for reading!

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