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Favorite Fall/Winter Trends for 2017/2018

Fall is here and the stores put their fall/winter clothing out. Although it’s still too hot in Arizona to even consider wearing a sweater, I wanted to share my favorite trends for fall/winter 2017/2018.

Products and stores mentioned is this post are not sponsored and I did not receive any compensation for this post. I use them only as an example of the kind of trends I like this fall and to give anyone reading this post an idea of how much it would cost to purchase something similar. All prices listed are the original price before sales.

Collar Neckline

I need to admit, when I saw the collar neckline I didn’t like it. But, after seeing more dresses and shirts with it, it began to grow on me.

Despite liking this trend, it’s hard for me to wear it. Normally the necklines are too low on my chest or the collar is too tight around my neck for me to wear comfortably. Also, the skirts on the dresses are form fitting and I really do not like wearing anything like that. I have found a few dresses that potentially fit my requirements, but they are similar to this Arizona 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Fit & Flare Dress-Juniors at JCPenny for $34.00.


Burgundy Color

I love the burgundy color not just for fall and winter, but I did not wear it for the past few years because I did not have anything to wear that is burgundy. According to what I have heard and read, burgundy is going to be a popular color this year which means I’ll have the opportunity to find things in one of my favorite fall/winter colors.

Since I like the burgundy color so much, I want to look for some clothes that I could wear when it is still warm outside, such as this Be Bop Juniors’ Roll-Tab Shirt Dress with Utility Pockets from Macy’s for $39.00.


Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder clothing was popular this past summer, and is still popular for the fall/winter. I did not like this trend when it first appeared earlier this year, but it did grow on me over the course of the summer. I have a few off the shoulder shirts that I could wear this fall and winter, but this season the trend is for shirts to be in darker colors than in the spring and summer months.

I plan on searching for darker colored off the shoulder shirts this season, such as this Hippie Rose Juniors’ Bell-Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Top from Macy’s for $34.00



Last year, velvet was a popular trend. This year, velvet is still a trend, which makes me very happy. Like the burgundy color trend, I missed this trend last year so I hope to make up for it this year.

I’m not sure how I plan on incorporating it into my wardrobe, but the idea I’m favoring is wearing velvet or velour pumps, such as these SARTO by Fraco Sarto Abbington Ankel Strap Pump I found on Nordstrom for $118.95.



Although the plaid trend is not new to fall/winter time, I really like plaid. This depends on the colors in the plaid, but overall I love it. Even though I like plaid, I never had the opportunity to enjoy it or purchase anything that I wanted to wear year to year. Since plaid is a trend yet again this year, I’m hoping that I can find shirts, skirts, or something that I really like enough to possibly wear into next year or longer.

I’m not sure what kind of plaid item I want to invest in this year, but one idea I thought of was shirts. Yes, I’ll probably look like I’m a country girl, but then again I am a country girl so it doesn’t bother me to wear it in causal wear.

If you are like me and do not mind wearing a plaid shirt and looking an American country girl, look for a plaid, button up shirt with long sleeves. One of the shirts I like is this $59.50 Charter Club Roll- Tab Print Shirt for Macy’s.


Well, I think that about covers my favorite fall trends! I have other fall/winter trends that I really like, but so far I have yet to find something I really like that are in line with those trends.

Thank you for reading!

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