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5 Tips for Buying Christmas Décor You’ll Enjoy for Years

Christmas décor is fun to shop for, but when it comes to purchasing them, it’s hard to justify the high prices for objects that will be used once a year. I struggled with this as a teenager and into my early 20’s, especially as Christmas decoration trends became more prominent on social media. Over time, I developed several tip that allow me to figure out if I will use the décor or if it is a trend I’m buying because I saw it too many times on social media.


Create an Inspiration Folder of Christmas Decorations Photographs You Like

Figuring out what kind of decorations you will enjoy owning means figuring out your personal decorating style. Some may like traditional colors while others like purple and gold. When trying to figure you’re your personal style, start by looking at photographs online and social media. While looking at photographs, save or screen capture the photographs and store them in a special Christmas decoration folder. Do this with photographs you took of decorations you saw in person and want to use as inspiration. This way, you can refer to the folder to see what you like. That is how you will begin to see the Christmas decoration style.


Using the Inspiration Photographs, Look Around Your Home and Consider How the Decorations Will Look There

Everyone’s home is different so not all Christmas decorations will work in the home. Because of this, look at the inspiration photographs you saved and have a serious look around your home. If you live in a small apartment, an eight-foot Christmas tree will not work for you. Neither will décor that will damage the walls. If you live in a house, you may not have the room to have multiple Christmas trees decorated in certain themes all over the house. Doing this will give you a perspective of how your décor will look and how functional it will be for your lifestyle.


Consider The Amount of Room You Have to Store the Decorations

Christmas decorations can take up a lot of room in storage. This is why, when deciding what kind of decor to purchase, look at how much room you have to store the decorations in. Can you store the tree, ornaments, and anything else you decorate with safely? Can you do it in your home or do you need to get a separate storage unit? If you do, will the storage unit ultimately cost more than purchasing the decorations? Will the storage area potentially cause damage to the decorations, such as in an area that will become so hot in the summer the decorations will melt? Consider these problems and others that could happen to the décor.


Look at the Décor Quality in Person Before Buying

Christmas decorations come in a variety of price points and quality levels. Sometimes, the cheaper decorations are the best looking. Other times, the expensive decorations are poorly created with bad graphics and the quality level is over all bad and not worth the money. This is why it is so important to shop for Christmas decorations in person whenever possible. That way, you can see the quality differences and know if you are spending your money wisely.


Prioritize Your Décor Purchases

Finally, when you decide to shop for Christmas decorations, always prioritize which decorations you want and need the most. If purchasing a commemorative ornament for the year is important, it needs to go on the top of the shopping list. If you need a new tree, look for it first as well. If you can use a blanket, you already own as a Christmas tree skirt, then you can get away with not purchasing the skirt unless you have the money to spend on one and find one you’ll like. Same thing goes for Christmas wreaths, garlands, or anything you want to own the most and decorate with.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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