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5 Tips to Decide if You’ll Enjoy Trendy Christmas Décor 5 Or More Years Later

There are many trends stores and brands like to promote. One of these trends are for Christmas decorations. The influence is everywhere. It’s on social media, in grocery stores, and in the decorations used by shopping areas, cities and towns, and places of business. This is why it can be hard to be a savvy shopper with a desire to shop carefully and mindfully of their budget as well as what they may actually like to own and continue to use for many years to come.

Since it can be so hard to decided if you’ll like the trendy Christmas decorations if you are constantly encouraged to shop, I made up five questions I always ask myself before I purchase something that is a decoration trend for the year.

Do You Actually Like the Trend or Like It Because You See It Everywhere?

Is the trend something you initially hated the first time you saw it, but began to grow on you even though you feel uncertain about the trend? If so, then you’ll need to take a step pack from social media and ask your self if you actually like it or you like it because you saw it a lot. Many people and businesses rely on social media to promote products. Since this is such a popular way of promoting products, it can sway a person’s perception of what they like or don’t like without realizing it. This is why it is so important to take a day or so off from social media. This will allow yourself some time to focus on what you want and need without the constant push of trends.


Is the Trend Something You Liked for More Than One Christmas?

Sometimes, trends don’t last a year. Sometimes they last for several years but have subtle changes to make them look more unique and interesting. This is why waiting until the year after the trend appears could be the best way to prevent spontaneous spending on items you won’t like. There is a down side to this though: You may miss out on Christmas decorations you will buy and use for many years in the future. Because of this, try to focus on what you actually need and will most likely use in the future instead of what you think will make your home the best for one season only.


How Will It Fit into Your Current Holiday Decorations?

Whenever considering a new Christmas decoration trend, seriously consider if it will match your current decoration. Think about the colors of the decorations you already own as well as how old they are, worn they look, or if they have special design elements such as glitter or faux fur that could clash with the new, trendy decorations. If you don’t mind the decorations looking mismatched, then you won’t need to worry about it. Yet, if you like your decorations to match or look coordinated, then this is something to seriously consider before purchasing new decorations that are trendy.


Does the Decorations in the Trend Look Durable Enough to Last More Than a Christmas Season?

Like fashion trends, decoration trends are not meant to last a long time. They are “in” for a season or year before they are phased out for a new trend to take its place. Since this is not meant to be long-term, the decorations are not made very well, are not sustainably made, and could be a waste of money. If this is a serious concern for you, then try to limit the amount to items you purchase to the higher quality items that are part of the trend. Looking at the decorations in person is always the easiest way to decide if they are a higher quality item or not. Things to look out for include stitch alignment for sewn items and attention to detail. Also, look at reviews of the item online.


Can You Store the Decorations in Your Current Storage Space, or Do You Need to Get Rid of Decorations to Make Room for the New?

Buying new, trendy decoration items means there may not be enough room to keep the old decorations. If you would like to get rid of some of your decorations, this would be a great opportunity to look through everything you own and decide what to keep and what to give away, donate, or toss in the trash. If you cannot find anything you want to get rid of, then look at your storage space. If you don’t have enough room to fit all the items you want to purchase that are on trend, then don’t try to purchase anything in the trend.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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