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Sephora January 2018 Haul

I’ve wanted to buy a few things from Sephora for a while, but after having problems with a few of my Sephora packages getting lost in the mail, I held back buying anything from them. Last month, I decided to go to a store instead of order online. The reason why I liked ordering online is because I live far away from an actual Sephora store and the closet JcPenny Sephora store is over an hour’s drive away. Despite this, I was so frustrated with the mail I decided to go to an actual store anyway.

The first item I bough from Sephora was a bottle of Fenty Beauty’s foundation.

To make a long story short, I’ve been on the hunt for a new foundation since 2013. After hearing about Fenty Beauty’s foundation, I wanted to give it a try, especially since cool toned light foundation in a coverage I like is hard to find. After waiting a few months, I began to search for a bottle of it.

Buying Fenty Beauty’s foundation is very hard to do where I live because it’s so popular, it’s normally sold out, especially in light, cool undertones. After looking at two Sephora stores, I was able to find one in the shade I wanted…

The foundation I bought is in the shade 110 and is fairly close to my natural, non tanned skin tone. So far I’m happy with the consistency and how it lays on my skin. I need to wear it a few more times to be completely sold on it, but so far I’m very happy!

The second and last item I bought from Sephora is a roller ball version of Giorgio Armani’s fragrance, Si…

After hearing that I liked Because it’s You, someone suggested that I try Si as well. I did, and I fell in love with it. I was able to find a I found a roller ball version of Si in the Sephora I bought the Fenty Beauty foundation, so I bought it. I’m very happy with the fragrance, it’s scent, and the fact it doesn’t aggravate my allergies.

Well, that’s all I have to share from this haul! Thank you for reading!

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