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6 Christmas and Holiday Date Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be a busy time of the year. Since it can be hard to make time to spend time with someone you’re in a relationship with, it can be easier to turn something you normally will be doing during the holiday season into a date. Since I feel this way this time of the year, here are six of my favorite Christmas and holiday date ideas. Some of the ideas are more fun and require time planning for a specific event, but they are a lot of fun and are enjoyable during the holiday season.

Bake Cookies or Other Holiday Themed Treats

Christmas time is a time of the year when many people bake and create holiday themed treats. Some even do this to give the treats away for presents. This would also be a great opportunity to spend time with your loved one. If you don’t feel comfortable baking with your loved one or baking at all, then try decorating sugar cookies together. Premade sugar cookies can be used as well. Then, after cooking and/or decorating is done, the cookies can be eaten while watching a Christmas movie.


Visit Zoolights

Many zoos have an event around Christmas time called Zoolights. Zoolights is an event that allows attendees to walk through parts of the zoo after dark. These areas are decorated with Christmas lights, much like houses are decorated with Christmas lights, except these lights are themed like animals and the zoo. Where I live, Zoolights is a favorite place to go for a date in the holiday season. It is also a family friendly event, so children can also go as well.


Go to a Christmas Light Parade

Christmas light parades are always a fun event to go with your loved one. Light parades are usually held at the same time as Christmas festivals. In recent years, many festivals have added food trucks and other events, making it a great place to try new food and watch a parade. It is usually an event where many people go to, so it will probably be crowded and busy. If this doesn’t bother you or the one you’re on a date with, then it would be a great place to go on a date.


Watch a Christmas Themed Play, Musical, or Ballet

Christmas time is during the time when many theaters, ballets, and other performing art groups have performances. Many of these performances are holiday themed, which makes it a great opportunity for a holiday themed date. If you want to watch something traditional, try finding a performance of The Nutcracker. If you prefer a play, look for A Christmas Carol. Depending on where you live, holiday themed musicals, non traditional holiday themed stories, and concerts from professional and amateur music groups are also held around this time.


Go to Church (Or a Religious Service) Together

The holiday season is the time of the year when many people go to church. This would be a good opportunity to go to a church service together. This can also be a tricky date idea, especially if there are differences of opinions about religious beliefs. A date like this should only be done if the relationship is very serious and, to take away any stress caused by meeting new people in a new place of worship, attend a church related event that is open to the public instead of a formal service.


Watch a Christmas Movie

The last Christmas and Holiday themed date idea is watch a Christmas movie. There are many Christmas movie the choose from, so (Hopefully!) there will be a movie both of you will enjoy. If you want to do something different yet still watch a Christmas movie, then check to see if a local movie theater will hold a special showing of holiday and Christmas movies. That way the date can take place in a movie theater, but will still be Christmas themed.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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