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Favorite Christmas DIY Paper Ornament YouTube Tutorials

Earlier this year, I thought it would be fun to make myself some Christmas ornaments. I found some YouTube videos showing how to make them. Although I originally believed I would have the chance to make the ornaments, at the time of this post I’m unsure if I’ll have enough time! Despite this, I wanted to share the videos just in case anyone is looking for some fun diy projects for Christmas time.

This video, from ZIZ craft, shows how to create 3-D ornaments out of paper. This tutorial isn’t for beginners, but it would be something more advanced crafters will enjoy making. The ornaments look like fun to make and is worth a try!


Another tutorial I want to make is this 3-D quilling paper snowflake ornaments from Colors Paper. If you never heard of paper quilling, it is a technique in which you curl the paper to make beautiful swirls. Although this snowflake has swirls, creating the ornament is not as complicated as other quilling designs I’ve seen and read tutorials for. Out of all the tutorials in this post, I would say this one is the most complicated to make.


The final paper ornament I wanted to make was this one minute paper star tutorial from Auermedia Arts & Crafts. Out of all the tutorials, this ornament is by far the easiest to make. Although it advertises the star can be created in one minute, the video makes sure to point out that it is not possible to create the star in one minute without practice. Despite this, it’s still a fairly easy star to make as long as you measure accurately.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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