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5 Women I Admired the Beauty of as a Teen (And What I Think About Them Now)

I’m not going to lie, but I’m in a reminiscing about my teen years sort of mood. There are many thing happening in my life that triggered this, but the most obvious to me is the clean out of the stuff I accumulated since I was a child. I’m doing this for two reasons: For therapeutic reasons (Letting go of the past and looking to the future) and because I just have too much stuff. Remembering my teen years does make me a little melancholy, but not as much as I though I would.

As I went through my stuff, I began to remember things I hadn’t thought of for years, one of them being how many women I admired the beauty of as a teen. I was never very open about how much I admired their looks, mostly because I lacked so much confidence in my own looks it made me feel even worse knowing that these women looked better than I ever would. Now that I’m 30 years old, I look back at that time and see why I admired the beauty of some of the women. So, here are five women I admired the beauty of and what I think about them as a 30 year old woman.

Natalie Horler of Cascada

Natalie Horler is not a name many people know or recognize in the United States, but if you remember the song Everytime We Touch you will recognize her as the singer of the German EDM group Cascada. I loved Cascada as a teen and was, strangely, the only person in my high school that would rather blast Cascada or Daft Punk on my speakers instead of anything anyone would listed to. (I still listened to other music as a teen, but I believed back then and to this day I was the only EDM fan at my high school)

In addition being a fan of Cascada, I thought Natalie was beautiful. The publicity photograph of Natalie as the face of Cascada I remembered the most as a teen is the one used as a picture in this YouTube video of Evacuate the Dance Floor…

In the photo, her hair was cut in waves, is curly, and her make up made her skin look flawless but in a natural way. As an adult, I love her make up and would love to recreate it one day. She is beautiful in a natural sort of way and it looked like she took great care of her skin, something I could see in other photographs of her from the mid-2000’s. Although I remembered her best from the mid-2000’s, I still look at her photographs from then as beauty inspiration. Except for her hair dye. It’s from the 2000’s and I think it should stay there.

Hillary Duff

Many people who are around my age remember Hillary Duff from the Disney series Lizzy McGuire. I used to watch Lizzy McGuire, but I loved Hillary Duff’s fashion style. I didn’t have the body proportions as Hillary, but I did have curves. So, when stores where I lived began to carry clothes inspired by Hillary Duff’s fashion style, my body not only fit the clothes, I looked good in them. Because of this, I tried to draw inspiration for my weekend/away-from-school fashion style from her her fashion style. I still look at old photographs of Hillary from the 2000’s and smile because I remember trying to copy the outfits in those photographs with the clothes I had at my disposal.

Mandy Moore

I used to admire Mandy Moore’s fashion style and the way her hair was styled. As an adult, I can see why I liked her so much. It was bright, fun, and everything I wanted to dress like. I know as an adult, I can draw inspiration from her 2000’s style, but I don’t think I can put together a whole entire outfit because I will look weird.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was one of the women many girls I knew back in the 2000’s wanted to look like. I wanted to look like her, but in how strong her body was. She still has a strong body, but back in the 2000’s when I admired her beauty the most, I loved how she had muscles and her clothes showed them off. In fact, I loved how women back then had muscles and weren’t ashamed to show them. There was still beauty perception issues back then, but today I don’t like how women are looked down on if they have a strong, healthy body instead of a frail, thin body that is unhealthy.

Mary Tyler Moore

The last woman I admired the beauty of as a teen was Mary Tyler Moore. Mary Tyler Moore is not a “popular” beauty in the 2000’s, but I loved her fashion sense in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. To this day, I still aspire to dress as put together like her in the office place.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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