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Luxury Gift Ideas for Her- 2019

Christmas time is a great time to treat someone in your life, especially for something luxurious that they wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy year round. Because of this, I wanted to share my favorite luxury gift ideas for the special female someone in your life. All the items in this post are luxury, but I tried to pick items that are within reach of an average person’s budget.

Chanel No 5- original fragrance

Luxury brands sometimes change their iconic fragrances every so often and Chanel is no exception. Despite all the changes brands make to their iconic fragrance, they do continue making the original fragrance. Chanel No 5 is one of the iconic fragrances that changed the scent, but the original is still available on Chanel’s website. Since the original scent is so iconic with Chanel’s brand, and the fact it’s harder to find that normal Chanel fragrances, I wanted to add it to my list.


Burberry Scarf

Burberry is a well known British luxury brand that is well known the world over. One of the items Burberry is known for are their cashmere scarfs. If you know someone who loves or needs a well made, luxury scarf, I suggest getting a Burberry one. They come in a variety of colors, lengths, and fabrics so there is sure to be a scarf that will not go out of style like other luxury brand scarfs.


YSL Cardholder

Small leather goods (Or SLG’s) are a great gift for someone who is interested in purchasing luxury handbags, wallets, and accessories, but their price can be really steep. Although YSL, or Saint Laurant as it’s now known as (Or Yves Saint Laurant if you talk to me or anyone who hasn’t switched to using the new name!), is not inexpensive in any way, I believe buying a card holder is a better investment in a luxury item than other brands. YSL has pebbled leather, similar to Chanel’s caviar leather, and, according to YouTube reviews and after seeing it in person, is very good quality leather for a luxury brand. So, if you know someone who loves Chanel’s SLGs but wants a luxury brand with a less costly price point, try YSL. Plus, YSL can be purchased online while Chanel’s SLGs cannot.


Gucci Marmont (Or anything from the Marmont Line)

There is debate in the online luxury community about the Gucci Marmot bag. Not everyone is convinced the Marmont matelasse bag will become a classic, but despite this, I believe an item from Gucci Marmont line would make a great gift. Although the Marmont matelasse bag is is the best known item from the Marmont line, there are card holders, camera bags, and even tote bags. The price point is steep, as all luxury items are, but it is a great luxury item that is on trend and not as steep as other luxury brands.


Cartier Love Bracelet or Ring

For many years, I did not like the Cartier love bracelet. The reason is because, even though I love the way it looks, I hated the way to put the bracelet on. The bracelet comes in two pieces that wraps around the wrist and is screwed onto the wrist with two screws. The bracelet design is supposed to represent the other person, presumably the bracelet wear’s lover, is “locking” in their love. The reason why I didn’t like the bracelet is because it requires someone to put the bracelet onto you and to take it off. As someone who does not have a special someone in their life that can put the bracelet on and off, putting it onto the wrist myself would be difficult if not impossible. Also, my lifestyle does not allow for me to keep a bracelet on all the time and, sometimes, I need to take it off in a hurry. That’s why I’m so happy Cartier released bracelets that have a screw on one side and a hinge on other side, allowing the wearer to put it on and take it off, as well as a cuff version. That’s why I decided to add Cartier’s love bracelet, as well as the ring which does not have screws to put it on and take if off, on this list.


Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Animation Collection

The last luxury gift idea I have for this year is Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Animation collection. I feel like Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Animation collection can be hit and miss for me, but this year’s collection was a huge hit for me. The caricature of their mascot Vivian is extremely cute and reminds me of their limited edition collection from the mid 2000’s. They are all SLG’s, so if you want to pick up something small but collectable, I high suggest trying this collection.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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