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Bath and Body Works Holiday Haul- November 2018

In the month of November, Bath and Body Works had a large sale on their shower gel. Since the sale was for all shower gels in the store, I stocked up on the holiday scents I really love and purchased the holiday scents I wanted to try.The first shower gel I purchased was Winter Berry Wonder.

As you can probably tell, I love Winter Berry Wonder. It is currently my favorite scent from this year’s holiday collection. Many years ago, I used to love shower gels, body washes, and lotions with a berry scent to them with my favorite always raspberry. Since then, all the shower gels, body washes, and lotions that I used to love slowly disappeared and new scents took their place. When I tried Winter Berry Wonder, I knew I’d love it. At the time I shopped at Bath and Body Works, I had only one bottle of Winter Berry and I was over halfway through it. So, I purchased three more bottles so I won’t run out anytime soon.

The next shower gel I purchased is In the Stars…

In the Stars is a new scent for 2018. I already own the body spray in this scent, but I will talk about that in a different haul after Blogmas is over. I like the scent, though I’m unsure if I will like it as much when I start to use it. I’m still optimistic about it though.

The next shower gels I purchased are all new scents to me…

I never tried the shower gel form of any of the scents from the rest of the holiday collection. I’m unsure which one I will like the best, but based off scents I believe Frosted Coconut Snowball might be my favorite.

Well, that’s all for now! What is you favorite scent from Bath and Body Work’s holiday collection?

Thank you for reading!

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