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October 2019 Favorites

October was an interesting month for me. At the start of the month, I had so many plans that I honestly believed would happen, but by the end of the month nothing happened the way I planned. Still, I had a fairly fun month and enjoyed the cooler temperatures. I also found some new products I enjoyed, or enjoyed looking at, in the past month. So, here are my favorites for October 2019.

Peace Out Acne Dots

I discovered the Peace Out Acne Dots earlier this year during Sephora’s spring VIB sale. I wanted some acne products similar to the ones I’ve seen and heard are available in Japan and South Korea. I had a hard time finding them, so after searching for them for years, I gave up. When I found Peace Out Acne Dots, I decided to pick some up to see how well they worked. I tried them for the first time last month and boy do they work! They aren’t perfect, and I still would like to try ones from Japan and South Korea, but I’m so happy with the way they worked I picked up some more during the last VIB sale.


Softsoap’s Line of Christmas Scented Hand Soaps

While wandering around Walmart, I found Softsoap’s Christmas scented hand soaps. I purchased all the scents because they were not only affordable, but smelled good. The scents in the line are Merry Citrus, The only soap I used so far was Merry Citrus. I really like it and want to pick up another in Merry Citrus.


Hallmark Chanel’s Countdown to Christmas 2019

And finally, my favorite from the month of October is Hallmark Chanel’s Countdown to Christmas 2019. Yes, I know October was a month for Halloween, but I love Hallmark Chanel’s Christmas romance movies so much I was ecstatic when they started showing their movies in late October. The movie I’m the most excited to watch is one that will premiere in December and will star Kristen Chennowth. But, until it premieres, I’m going to bide my time by watching all the other movies the Hallmark Chanel shows.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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