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Rae Dunn Christmas and Office Supply Haul

A few weeks ago, I found some Rae Dunn items while browsing TJ Maxx. I love Rae Dunn, but I don’t consider myself a collector. Despite this, I decided to pick up one office supply item and a few Christmas items to add to my decorations this year.The first item I picked up was this Stuff pouch…

I wanted a new pouch to carry my pens and other items for my work. I found a few, but I never liked them enough to purchased them. I loved this pouch, so I picked it up.

The next item I purchased was this Christmas throw pillow set. The set comes with two pillows. The first pillow says Bah!

While the second says Humbug!

I’ve seen other Rae Dunn Christmas throw pillows and, even though I liked them, I liked these the most. These pillows are on the larger side of throw pillows, I plan on making some throw pillow covers to put over them so I can use them after Christmas.

The last two items I purchased in this haul are two ornament mug sets.

The first set has ornament mugs that says Merry and Bright…

While the second says Holly and Jolly…

From the moment I saw these mini mug ornaments I knew I wanted them. Rae Dunn is known for her mugs, so mini mug ornaments are a cute reference to the product she is most known for. I only picked up two sets during my shopping trip, but I knew if there was more designs to pick from, I would buy those sets as well!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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